“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

So many people I care about are going through very tumultuous times and are having such a difficult time finding any peace in their current surroundings. There are three things I feel are so incredibly important if we want to be happy: peace, passion, and living for the little things. My posts are generally geared to people with chronic pain but many of my posts can truly relate to anyone: we all want to be happy. However, far too often we are stuck in the madness of life to just stop, breathe and find peace.

There are many aspects in my life at this time pulling me in directions that are the opposite of peaceful. I have learned at my old age of thirty two that it really is up to me to be happy and find peace. No one else will ever do that for me and if I rely on someone else to do that I will always be disappointed. This morning my best friend and I did what is called a “Graffiti Run.” I totally understand many people would find it hard to find peace while running, however I find so much of my peace through exercise, especially running. We had a blast as we ran three miles through color. There is such a practice of yoga called: laughter yoga. Today my best friend and I found: laughter running. We were not running for speed or a medal, we were just having fun and in that fun, I found peace. This afternoon, my daughter and I sat for almost thirty minutes throwing Ritz crackers into the lake as we watched the fish scurry up to much on some goodness. Watching her eyes light up made me happy but just sitting there in the silence of nature brought me peace.

I am at a point in my life where I am very happy with myself. However, there is a lot of stress in my life that I cannot just eliminate with a magic wand. I must find my own peace in order to continue to do my best as a woman, friend, and mother. Peace is in the little things. Peace cannot be bought: its priceless. It truly is a state of such importance that our society has put on the back burner. Do not rely on anyone else to bring you peace. You must find peace in the little things in your life. For me, I find peace either outside, through meditation, running, or nature. It is very difficult to find peace when one has chronic pain and that is why I keep encouraging my readers to find their passion. I want to thank so many of my readers: Sam, Katrina, Michenna, Sian (and hundreds more) for sharing your life and experiences with me and allowing me to show you a different way to manage pain. I applaud all of you and send you light and energy on a daily basis. Find your peace and find your passion.




4 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Samuel says:

    Thank you for the kind words today Jess. It’s nice to know I have u as a friend & someone to rely on for support & encouragement. I also try to take time out of my day to send positive thoughts to u & my friends & family. I’m a little curious what a “grafitti run” is? 🙂 anyways, hope all is well & that u enjoyed your weekend.

    • Of course!! I am managing pain well its the least I can do. My purpose is to supprt and be a friend to all of you. No one is alone. A grafitti fun is a silllly run that as you run the 4 miles you are literally pounded with colored powder so by the end my friend and I were hot pink blue yellow…Kayci was petrified of me. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network


  2. Julie Ryan says:

    How right you are! These three things are all ones I’ve been working on in my own life lately. So many people don’t understand the need for a passion in life. On the other hand some let their passion/purpose take over and lose sight of the small things. Life is a balancing act.

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