Through Suffering Comes Joy

“May they discover through pain and torment the strength to live with grace and humor. May they discover from doubt and anguish the strength to live with dignity and holiness. May they discover through suffering and fear the strength to move toward healing.”
Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro

Chronic pain is an invisible disease that is literally killing people and yet no one can understand it and it is one of the most dismissed ailments plaguing our world. Chronic pain causes: pain and torment, doubt and anguish, and mostly suffering and fear. As I have written the number one reason people die who have chronic pain is by suicide and yet we keep doing the same things expecting to find a different result: definition of insanity. But at times if you are in the drudges of chronic pain, it sadly does cause you to feel insane. Chronic pain caused me to be someone I was not for a good portion of my life. I had no grace or humor. I did not feel I had dignity or holiness and I sure as hell did not think I would ever find the strength to move toward healing and yet here I am. I will be thirty three in just a couple of weeks and feel healthier and better than I did in my late teens and much of my twenties. Chronic pain can steal away your portions of your life but I am here to tell you that once you are able to come through the whole world looks brighter and you find peace and happiness that you never thought existed.

I wish I could have started a blog on how I “cured” chronic pain but I would be lying to all of you if I said I found the magic trick to end chronic pain. I would probably be rich as hell too and able to help many more than a few hundred people but alas I never did find a cure I just found a way to live with chronic pain and be healthy and happy. Because of the hell I have been through I am able to see how amazing the little things in our world are. I literally can see through the eyes of my two year old. Life is still hard even though I never cured my chronic pain in many ways I am healed. Look at this little person in my arms that calls me “Mommy”: what could be better than that?

We all need to just take one day at a time. Whatever you are going through, there may not always be a “cure” or “answer” but you will all find your way. When you are suffering it takes a long time to find your joy but once you find it, it can never be taken from you again. Just breathe and always tell yourself: “What a wonderful thing that some of the greatest moments of my life haven’t happened yet.”


Through Suffering Comes Joy


2 thoughts on “Through Suffering Comes Joy

  1. Julie Ryan says:

    who was it that said, “It is only through Hell, that we can see Heaven”? Or did I say it, I don’t know. Either way I believe it’s true. We go through this suffering so that we can better appreciate the joy.

    As always, I really appreciate your blog, always so inspirational and uplifting.

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