Listen to Your Heart

“You can close your eyes to what you don’t want to see but you see but you cannot close your heart to what you do not want to feel.”
Johnny Depp

I have loved yoga for years but never fully understood the concept or the teachings until about three years ago. I started going to a yoga studio on a daily basis and my intention in going there was not to get in shape or have this “hot yoga body.” I truly wanted to see the world in a different light and the place I ended up going to changed my thoughts about myself and my life forever. I was going through a difficult time when I first started going to this studio and I always relieved my stress through cardio exercises such as running, spinning, or kickboxing. I never thought I would be able to relieve stress through yoga however, it turned out it not only was a great workout but the lessons I have learned through yoga do not come close to anything I ever learned in my sixteen years in school: elementary, high school, and college.

On my second visit to this yoga studio I ended up crying over something that was happening in my life. The instructor, whom I have become quite close with since this day took me into her private room and let me talk. The details of our conversation do not matter but I will never forget the Ah Ha moment she gave me that will never leave my soul. I was in the midst of making a huge decision regarding my life and I kept saying: “My brain is telling me what to do and I don’t want to listen. My heart is telling me the complete opposite of what my brain is telling me. I know I need to listen to what my mind is telling me because what the hell does my heart know but it is just so hard.” She looked at me and just stood there for a few seconds before saying so precisely and clear the lesson I had never been taught. She said: “Jessica, always listen to your heart. Your heart and soul will never leave you astray. Our brains go in five million directions while our heart only goes in one.”

I am very in tune with myself now or so I think: I have a lot more growing and evolving to do, we all do. However, I do know to follow my heart as hard as that is at times. My mind plays tricks on me every day and really gets on my damn nerves but my heart and soul are where I find my peace. My mind has always complicated things in my life. I want to teach my daughter and the people who read my blog that we need to become more in tune with our hearts and souls. How much more peaceful would your life be if you just gave your mind a rest and focused on your heart. We all deserve happiness and peace. Chronic pain or not, we are all on this roller coaster of life that our mind just complicates. We make it so difficult: try and focus on your heart and give your brains the day off.


Listen to Your Heart


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