Tribute to Maya Angelo

“You want me to something….tell me I can’t do it.”
Maya Angelo

We lost an amazing woman, poet, mentor, and pioneer this morning but her lessons will live with the world forever. To choose one quote or poem this outstanding woman has written or said is quite impossible however, this quote resonates with myself and I hope some of my readers who suffer from an invisible illness.

After spending ten plus years in search for a cure to my chronic pain I gave up and began taking medications and self medicating at times which was easy to do as I was living in Boulder, Colorado where partying was as common as studying (okay lets be honest….as common as snow boarding.) After going on and off medications for years I never thought I would be able to manage chronic pain without pain medicine. Many doctors did not believe I could lead a fulfilling, happy life without some kind of treatment or medication. As more and more people told me I could not live a happy life with chronic pain without medicine, the more I wanted to prove them and much more importantly, myself wrong. I followed my heart and it took every little fiber of strength I had to get myself off of any medicine that was associated with pain. I really did not make that choice for anyone but myself. I truly do believe one cannot make a change in their life and keep that change unless it is what they truly want for themselves. I did it for me but the amount of people saying “you can’t” made me want to do it even more.

I understand fully why many of my readers are still looking for a cure, taking medications, or at a totally different place then I am in my journey with chronic pain. I will never be able to say to anyone with chronic pain that “you can’t do it.” Because you can. And if you are still reading this blog part of you wants to get to this point of acceptance and happiness despite chronic pain. If I can do it, honestly anyone can. I am only here to share my very unique, at times depressing, yet inspiring story so that people know there is a way to manage pain naturally and fulfill your dreams.

Mayo Angelo is someone I truly look up to and respect. She will be greatly missed but the lessons she has taught me will always stay with me and be passed on to my daughter.
This post is dedicated to one of the strongest woman in my history: Mayo Angelo.


Tribute to Maya Angelo


One thought on “Tribute to Maya Angelo

  1. Maya Angelo was a powerhouse of a person and an inspiration. I choose to manage my chronic pain with pain medication. It makes the pain go away and leaves me fully functional. I spent 15 years in bed with undiagnosed Lyme disease. Now I am four years into the treatment and have a life back. I am so grateful every day that I have a life to live. I make every day count.

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