The Choice is Yours

Forget Everything And Run or
Face Everything And Rise

The choice is yours

Fear can hold us back from basically everything. I think fear is one of the most difficult aspects of living with chronic pain. As I have written: sometimes the fear of pain is truly worse than the pain itself. I remember when I used to take pain medicine. I swear before it could even get into my system and start working I felt better. Why? Because it took the fear of pain away. My readers with anxiety or depression know the drastic hold fear plays in your daily life. Even my readers without any ailments know the power of fear. We are a culture rooted by fear. As children we are afraid of the dark and have trouble falling asleep. Even as adults we are afraid of nighttime because we fear not being able to fall asleep. I will be totally honest, as running at six am with my two year old the other day I literally fast forwarded to the future (bedtime) and was fearful I would have another night of insomnia. No wonder I have trouble sleeping sometimes: I convince my brain as the sun is rising that I will have trouble sleeping. It is fear.

Clearly, the biggest fear I have ever had was managing pain naturally. I kicked and screamed and threw out every curse word when the Mayo Clinic suggested that I had chronic pain but could manage it naturally and without the help of medication and treatment. After ten years I was running out of options. Thank God my dad convinced me to try the Pain Rehab Center or I am pretty sure I would not be sitting here at my computer living a happy life. I wanted to run so badly from the idea that I would have to live with chronic pain for the rest of my life. I wanted to hop in my Explorer and drive the hell back to Colorado and just forget about my life. I chose the second definition of fear. I faced my chronic pain head on and rose above it. It sure as hell did not happen over night. But the first step in the biggest step and I will never regret that choice.

Whatever your situation is in life I am sure fear plays a part in it at times. You will feel so damn empowered if you take face everything and rise. I work on my journey with fear on a daily basis and it is hard. I despise being afraid. I work on living for the moment and being grateful on a daily basis but fear can truly take over anyone. Being afraid just sucks. Face your fears. Do not run away with them. Show fear that it truly is false evidence appearing real.


The Choice is Yours


One thought on “The Choice is Yours

  1. Great post, as always. Stress is such a huge factor in our pain, and so much of our stress can be managed by simply adjusting how we perceive it. If we perceive something as stressful it creates fear and stress and pain. If we can simply look at it as a minor challenge we can push through and create positive energy from it.

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