My Dad Believed In Me

“My father gave me the greatest gift one could give another person. He believed in me.”

People with chronic pain know how difficult it is to find support and love. Chronic pain leaves us feeling totally isolated, discouraged and depressed. Now that I am in a good place and able to manage chronic pain naturally, I look back and know the one person who always had my back and believed in me was my best friend: my dad.

My dad has been my greatest ally and friend since I was a little girl. My favorite memories growing up are not of toys or video games but of the little things my dad and I always did together: riding on the back of his bike for hours, swinging on the swings before school began, and having him scratch my back until I fell asleep at night. There were many times growing up that my dad had to raise me on his own and he did an amazing job. He was room mother, cookie mom, and came on every field trip possible. There was nothing my dad would not do. The best part was, he loved it! I was never the girl in elementary school or throughout my teen years that was embarrassed by her dad. I was so proud to call my father: dad. However, it was not until my bike accident and the years following that I knew how much love my dad had for me. From the moment following my bike accident at the age of fourteen until present day he has been my biggest support system regarding chronic pain. He took me to endless doctors appointments and never ever gave up on helping me find a cure. My dad went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to being a father and much more difficult a caregiver to someone with chronic pain. The biggest gift my dad ever gave me was believing I was in pain and believing in me.

He believed I could manage chronic pain naturally. He came to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and sat for days listening to how to help a loved one with chronic pain and when I saw tears in his eyes I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would never be alone in my journey with chronic pain. I am here today as a thirty three year old mother managing chronic pain naturally and I give more credit to my father than anyone in my world. Ok, I give myself the most credit because this shit is hard but without my dad believing in me and knowing my struggles I know for a fact I would not be a success story. I love my dad as a person, a friend, a role model to all, but most of all for believing in me. I will never know what I did in a previous life to deserve a dad like mine.

Happy Fathers Day Dad.


My Dad Believed In Me


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