Self Pity Robs Us of Life

“Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything good in the world.”
Helen Keller

Whether you have chronic pain or not how much time do we all spend feeling sorry for ourselves? Let us be honest: most of us do at times which is okay. What isn’t okay is when we allow it to take over our lives. We are only hurting ourselves. It still astounds me to no end the battles people throughout history have fought and come out of as a healer to others. Helen Keller: blind and deaf, and yet was a giver and spent the majority of her life trying to get people to see the beauty in life even though she was unable to see. Although she could not see she could feel. She once said: “I wish everyone in their young adulthood could be blind and deaf for a time so they are able to truly see and hear all the beautiful things the world has to offer.” I am sure she had horrible days in her life but look at the amazing message she left with the world.

I am at great fault for feeling sorry for myself and my life circumstances at times. My life has gotten so busy that I am losing focus on all the little things that I swore I would never take for granted again. Before I got my chronic pain under control and learned to manage it naturally all I literally wanted was to be able to enjoy reading a book, swimming in the ocean, and just taking walks around my lake. I have so much to be grateful for but self pity does take over me at times. I have clearly not reached a level of enlightenment and may never get there but I do have the knowledge and wisdom I need to be happy, the trick is calming my mind and letting the negative self talk go. Easier said than done!

I do not pity myself on a daily basis but there are minutes or even hours where I get really down. However, I try as hard as possible to not allow anything wrong in my life to take away being good to others. I ended up spending thirty extra minutes at my Wa Wa following my run this am helping an elderly woman pick out the groceries she wanted, check out and walk her halfway home as it was extremely hot out. I had a good day for the most part and even got a surprise visit from one of my good friends who does not live near me. Something mild occurred after she left and I ended up in tears and feeling sorry for myself. I had to get it together and make my family dinner, finish the laundry and play with her which is a good thing. My two year old is usually the best distraction from my chronic pain and negative thinking, self pity. Although she can be quite challenging she is honestly the funniest person I know.

Let us all work on self pity and try to focus on the good in our lives. I will make a promise with all my readers. Let us all go to sleep tonight with a positive, peaceful mantra in our mind and try hard to leave our troubles from today behind. I am tired of losing sleep because of my negative sad thoughts, aren’t you? We are in this together!


Self Pity Robs Us of Life


3 thoughts on “Self Pity Robs Us of Life

  1. youngandtwenty says:

    I love that quote, it’s so true. I wrote a post saying, ‘don’t feel bad for yourself in hopes that someone else will to’ which seems like an all too common thing we do.

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