Thoughts Become Things

“The only thing that makes it a part of your life is that you keep thinking about it.” Anon

I cannot express how much this quote screams how I am able to manage chronic pain without medication or specialists any longer. My biggest combat to chronic pain is distraction from the pain itself. It is always there, hence the word chronic. However, whether or not the pain is there, I am able to (most of the time to not think about the pain.) I know how impossible that must sounds and there are times especially at night when it creeps in and I cannot wait to fall asleep to start a new day. It took me so many years to find a way to distract myself from my chronic pain. Hardest thing I have ever done. When I first began managing pain naturally, on any car rides I would sit in the passenger seat with a book just to make sure my mind was not focused on pain. I found a subject in school: medical social work that made me want to learn and the passion I found from school was astounding because I was learning things I wanted to know. I began exercising, juicing, watching reality TV at night, cooking: anything to take my mind away from what it wanted to focus on: pain.

This quote can relate to anyone with or without an illness. We all go through awful times: divorce, miscarriages, broken hearts, deaths, loss of jobs: do I need to go on? All of the above are damn hard to not think about especially when the losses are raw. Of course we think about pain when our hearts are breaking or we are losing people with love. I still cry thinking about my grandmother La La who passed away two years ago in my arms. There are other aspects of my life that I have to stop thinking about. Repeating the same thoughts is only making the things I do not want in my life survive. If the thoughts you have are destroying any part of you, I urge you to put yourself first (it is not selfish!) Do what is right for you, with zero explanations to anyone else: your friends do not need them and your “enemies” don’t care.

So much of what I write is easier said than done, I get that because I live in chronic pain as well and deal with many of the same issues my readers do. Yes, I am in a good place but still a girl with chronic pain with issues. We all have issues and problems, it is okay to admit it. If you are having a difficult day today I want you to go through my blog and find your favorite quotes. Write them down on a large piece of paper and make sure you are able to see this every day. Here are some of the quotes I see every day when I awake.
1. A year from now you will wish you started today
2. You are so much stronger than you think
3. Think positive and positive things will happen
4. Never look back, it distractions you from the now
5. It is okay to be selfish and do what you need to do to better yourself
6. Hate to ruin the story for you but everything will be okay
7. Act the way you want to feel
8. One hour at a time
9. You are doing the very best you can.
10. If you are going through hell, keep going


Thoughts Become Things


4 thoughts on “Thoughts Become Things

  1. I’m attempting to distract myself all the time now, lately I’ve been finding I’m thinking less and less about the pain in my head, sure it’s still there and sometimes my thoughts creep to it especially when it’s really bad and then I have a real hard time not thinking about it, but general day to day when it’s at it’s lower levels I’m finding I’m thinking about it less and less. Maybe my new positive attitude helps too!

  2. I love your positive spirit. I’m so glad that I know (even if it’s virtually) someone else who has found a way to separate themselves from the pain. I know I may not always be able to distract myself but I know that the more I do it, the higher my tolerance gets and the longer I put off any need to deal with the pain medically.

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