“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”
Kurt Cobain

You are who you are: the good, the bad, the ups, the downs. You will never be anyone else. You can change aspects about yourself that you feel you need/want to but you are still you. I remember in high school and my beginning years of college looking at so many girls and wishing my life away wanting to be who they were. They were pretty, popular, and most of all did not have chronic pain. They appeared to have lives I would never get the chance to have and yet now at the age of thirty three I am so happy I am not the girls I thought I wanted to be.

I have created myself into the person I have wanted to be since my accident. A person who has accepted chronic pain, lives with it naturally even through the tough times, a mother, and a healthy person on the inside and out. Chronic pain no longer defines me even though it still exists. I have emotional good days and bad days like everyone else going through hard times. Sometimes life, especially a life with chronic pain can make a person feel bi polar! When I feel good about myself on the inside it shines on the outside.

Do not waste your time wanting to be anyone else. First off it is humanly impossible. Secondly, you were made to be you for a reason you may have not found yet but once you do you will be so happy you are who you are. We are all fighting battles people know nothing about. Use your energy focusing on the things you can change about your unique life instead of wasting your time thinking about someone else’s.




2 thoughts on “Be YOU!

  1. Sam says:

    Like the post jess.
    One of my favorite uncles has many sayings & is that guy who wakes up happy and used to sing to my foggy headed cousins when he’d wake them up for school “rise & shine, rise & shine, time to wake the mornings fine”!! Of course my cousins weren’t always appreciative & at times reply “shut up DAD!!”.
    – He also told all his nieces & nephews “don’t wish your life away”. Great man & uncle.
    This post of course reminded me of him & his many words of wisdom. Ty Jess-

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