When YOU least feel like doing something.....DO IT!

One of my yoga instructors once told me the best time to do anything is when you truly do not want to whether that be: working out, getting out of bed, practicing yoga, practicing meditation, what have you. This picture was taken (yes a selfie shhhhh) when I was down and out and all I wanted to do was lay in bed and keep sleeping. My two year old was still asleep but after much effort I was unable to fall back asleep after I awoke from a nightmare. I woke with that pit in my stomach filled with anxiety with thoughts of life and chronic pain. It took every amount of strength and willpower (sounds a little dramatic but tis true) to get myself to just get out of bed and get moving. I did a fifty minute kickboxing routine in my “work out room” aka my daughter’s second playroom. I felt a lot better following working out and decided to make my daily juice and just jump on the computer and start writing.

What do you know: it turned out to be an awesome day. Nothing crazy, exciting happened but I felt happy and sometimes that is truly all I want. In essence, that is truly all I want. What is better that feeling genuinely happy? Peace, simplicity, and happiness are all we should truly want and sometimes you can only achieve those things by doing the things your mind is telling you not to do.

I get it: people with chronic pain sometimes are not able to do the things they either do or do not want to do due to their limitations. However, there are always some things you do not want to do or feel you cannot because you feel trapped in your mind. Those are the times you must do what you feel you cannot when your body allows you to! My biggest struggle is meditation but I always am happy I did so after the fact.


When YOU least feel like doing something…..DO IT!


3 thoughts on “When YOU least feel like doing something…..DO IT!

  1. Wow. I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you are really quite inspiring! Been suffering from chronic persistent daily headaches for about a year now, occasionally they are terrible, but most days it’s more like mild hangover territory – nothing really that debilitating, but I have to confess, it really gets me down to not feel able to live the life I want to live. But you are living a life anyone would want to live – it sounds like a struggle, yes, but it sounds like you are happy, and how many of us struggle to find that even in perfect health? I am going to take a big leaf out of your book (heck, the whole plant) and crack on with life – I can’t keep thinking it will start when the headaches are gone, because they might never. This is the only life I’ve got, I’m going to live it. Thank you. x

  2. I have fibromyalgia. I struggle all the time with this issue. Am I really not well, or am I just being lazy? I just don’t know any more. Good for you getting up and having a great day.

  3. This goes along with the “Fake it till you make it” idea. There’s been scientific proof that smiling makes you feel happier (just as frowning makes you feel worse). There is so much in our life that we can fake our way through in a positive way and create a more positive outcome and a happier life.

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