Small Steps

“You need to be content with small steps.  That’s all life is.  Small steps that you take every day so when you look back down the road it all adds up and you know you covered some distance.  It took me a long time to accept that, but it’s true.  You need to have patience.”

One of my yoga instructors once said: “Jessica, you never get stronger, happier, or healthier by being hard on yourself.  You must take small steps and not think into the future in order for things to fall in place.”  I believe our worst enemy at times is our own minds.  We worry, overthink everything, wish we could change things from our past, and worry about the future.  As I said in my last post, due to some terrible life circumstances I stop using the tools I need to manage pain naturally.   It is beyond difficult to get back on track.  Actually, I retract that statement.  It is quite simple for me to get back on track however it takes a long time for my focus to not be on pain.  The good news: my natural methods for managing pain work.  The bad news: I forgot how long it takes for everything to come back together.  So, I must take small steps.  I must be patient with myself.

I refuse to ever go back to seeing doctors for a cure to my chronic pain, or take any medication for pain which due to my brain surgery is encouraged by many doctors to do but I was not living when I did either of those things.  I have come to far in managing pain naturally to ever stop.  But, I will be quite frank: This SUCKS!   I want all of you to know there is such a huge light at the end of the tunnel.  I lived ten plus years allowing pain to rule my life and wanting to just disappear.  There was no light that I was able to see back then.  Now, even though life is giving me many challenges and I am truly paying the consequences physically and emotionally for not utilizing any tools I need to manage chronic pain; there is a light at the end of the tunnel because I have been through this storm before and I always get back on track.  Yes, I have chronic pain and sometimes things will happen in  my life that make it nearly impossible to use the tools I need to manage my pain.  I hope one day I am able no matter what happens in my life to always practice what I preach but life throws huge curve balls that make it beyond difficult to do anything. 

I not only need to take small steps regarding getting chronic pain back under control but with life in general.  We are always growing and evolving and life is not easy.  However, we do have control over our choices and must be accountable for our mistakes.  I have never in my life judged someone else for anything as I have made huge mistakes especially as a result of chronic pain so wherever you are in your journey on this Universe: take small steps,, do not be hard on yourself, you truly are doing the best you can.  Whatever you do even when you feel you just cannot go on: breathe, read my story, and have a tiny bit of faith. 


5 thoughts on “Small Steps

  1. Kristi says:

    Thank you. I wish you patience on getting back on track. My life seems to parallel yours. I too have had the worst year mntally,emotionally and physically and this week I’ve really fallen off all my routine and things I do to manage pain. And I am paying for it big time. People don’t understand that you don’t just get back on the Horse and you are back on track. It does take awhile. And I’m starting over today.

  2. You will get there. Just because we know what we need to do doesn’t mean it’s easy to make ourselves do it. You can do it, like you said, just one small step at a time. if you can’t get yourself totally back on track, just do it one thing at a time and rebuild those good habits (saying this to myself, as well).

  3. Patience is my worst enemy. I hate the need for it, but understand that it is crucial. Well done for embracing the small steps – I only occasionally have bad myalgia so I can’t begin to imagine living every day with chronic pain – but I know that patience is so hard. If you can do that under such difficult circumstances, you can do anything!!!

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