Focus on what You Want!

“You are always, always, always going to be on your way to something more- always.  And when you relax and accept that and stop beating up on yourself for not being someplace that you’re not and instead start embracing where you are while you keep your eye on where you are going- now life becomes really, really fun.”

Abraham Hicks

Right now many if not the majority of my readers are struggling with either chronic pain, an invisible illness, or something that has caused you a great deal of pain.  After I learned how to manage chronic pain naturally and changed my lifestyle completely I began to want to learn more and more.  The teachings of Abraham Hicks are truly amazing and I encourage all my readers to purchase the book or CD entitled: The Vortex.  I used to listen to the CD in my car at least once a week for reminders of his teachings.  So much of our time we focus on what we do not want and what we hate about our lives.   I spent almost half of my life saying on a daily basis:  “I do not want chronic pain.  I hate this.  Why me?  It has to go away or the rest of my life will be in this prison of physical pain and subsequently depression.”  Pain took up every thought in my mind and there was never a positive association with my condition.  No kidding: who is truly happy with a diagnosis of chronic pain.  However, once I did learn to manage it naturally and came to a point of acceptance I started to understand the teachings of The Vortex.  The truth is everything does change and nothing stays the same: not even chronic pain.  I get that it is nearly impossible for many of us to be at peace with chronic pain and just relax but the point is to stop fighting it.  The more you say to yourself and the Universe: this is what I do not want, the more it will come to you.  Hence: The Law of Attraction.  What we focus on we become. 

There are many things in my life I am striving for and know that if I continue to say: This will never happen or I hate this and that about my life, I will keep attracting what I do not want.  I need to be at peace with where I am at this moment and focus on what I do want and desire instead of looking at all the things I do not want.  This is much harder than one would think but it makes complete sense.  I need to embrace where I am in my journey on this Universe and know that I am going in the direction of my dreams.  I must believe that and be at peace with my life as it is now.  It is difficult to let go and let things happen especially with chronic pain but sometimes it is what we must do.  Focusing on what we do want sends out vibrations to the Universe and what we think we attract.  It may sound silly and totally out there but I think it is safe to say that we all understand our thoughts are leading us in the direction of our lives.  There are bumps in the road in everyone’s life: chronic pain or no chronic pain.  I’m struggling with a pretty large bump that is affecting my management of chronic pain but once again I need to embrace where I am, stop beating myself up, and know that with time, dedication, and positive thinking my life will get better and better.  I believe that for everyone. 

Remember my favorite quote on my inspiration station board hung up in our bedroom:

“Something wonderful is going to happen.”


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