524e7ef108ffcbf38d5106217408a9b0“At any point in time, you have the power to say: This is Not How My Story Is Going To End.”

Each one of us faces battles in our lives, most of which we never saw coming.  Clearly, my biggest battle was my bike accident which resulted in a life with chronic pain and many of my readers have an invisible illness they never saw coming.  However, terrible things happen to everyone in this world and we have a choice when these things happen: we either fall apart and give up or we grow stronger and make something good happen.  The latter is much more difficult and sadly is what many of us choose not to do.  My brother in-law chose the later this past year and after not seeing him for a year I am stunned and beyond proud of what he has done with his life.  This post is dedicated to Kraig: my brother in-law who deserves the greatest day today as it is his birthday and he is a brand new person.

Kraig lost his best friend this past year: his dog Biskit.  Some people cannot possibly understand what it is like to lose a pet and may think it is no big deal but it is huge.  The love and bond between my brother in-law and his dog was something I rarely see between two people, much less a person and an animal.   Biskit was not sick: he was a healthy, young pug whom was part of our family.  Kraig got an awesome job in Florida last year and was very excited to leave cold ass Chicago and move to Florida.  After only a few weeks of living there, Biskit got sick and sadly passed.  The hardest aspect of her death was that there was no explanation for it.  Kraig noticed Biskit acting different one day and took her to the vet.  One day later he and I are on the phone at five am as he was driving to the best animal hospital he could find in Florida.  We stayed on the phone for most of his drive and I was shocked by his strength and dedication to saving his best friend.  He literally did everything possible to save Biskit’s life and would probably have come close to selling everything he owned if it meant Biskit would be okay.  Unfortunately, there was nothing Kraig or the doctor’s could do and  Biskit passed.  My husband and I stayed up the entire night we found out that she was no longer with us.  I was so scared for Kraig as Biskit was truly like his daughter.  I thought he may fall apart and do something crazy as many of us do.  I know I did some unbelievable things when I was battling chronic pain and wanted to give up on life.  We all have been there in some way or another.   Well, Kraig did the complete opposite of what many people I know would have done: he turned his life completely around and became one of the most inspiring people I know.

I have not seen Kraig for a year as we live in New Jersey and he in Florida.  Money is tight on both ends and makes it difficult to travel plus we all have busy lives that make vacations hard.  Since Biskit’s passing my brother in-law has lost just about sixty-five pounds.  He was not a healthy person when we first met and had a lot of medical issues.  He made his best friend a promise and he has kept that promise.  He looks amazing and more than that he is healthy and if he is not proud of himself, he is crazy.  I lost my breath when I saw him two days ago.  Not only does he look like a different person on the outside but his health and strength literally radiate threw him.  His dedication to his health is unbelievable.  The first day he was here him and I went to about six different stores to get the correct food/drinks he needs as he is determined to stick to his new life.  Amazing things are going to start happening for him: there is no question in my mind of this.  He is starting to love himself and feel good.  From the first day I met Kraig when my husband and I had just began dating I liked him.  He was a little bit intimidating and always says what is on his mind (good or bad) but he is funny and truly has a heart of gold.  I now not only like him, I love him as my brother and proud is not a strong enough word for how I feel about him.  He is the prime example for taking something awful and making it into something amazing.  His is strength.

We may never know what caused Biskit’s death or why this had to happen at such an awful time and that really sucks. Some may say: everything happens for a reason and this was how things were meant to play out.  I am not sure if that is true in this case but I do know Biskit may have saved my brother’s life.  I have never enjoyed Kraig more than I have the past few days.  Kayci is so in love with her Uncle I am a little nervous for her reaction when he has to go back to Florida.   Today is a huge day.  Kraig is another year older and literally has such an amazing future ahead of him.  It is never too late to make a change in your life and say: “This is not how my story is going to end.”

Happy Birthday Kraig: I have never loved you more


This is Not how my Story will End.


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