Chronic Pain is a Global Issue

“You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t ever waste it.”


I started this blog over a year ago in hopes of reaching other mothers who suffered from chronic pain.  I wanted to share my insane journey and give women hope that they too could manage chronic pain naturally and enjoy being a mother.  I never imagined what twists and turns this blog would go through and I started the blog to teach people my lessons and have ended up learning more from my readers than I ever thought possible.  And, this is just the beginning. 

I received an email a couple of days ago from a mother who resides in Malaysia who is struggling with chronic pain.   She explained that chronic pain is not understood where she lives and doctors do not believe it to be a real condition.  I will be very honest and admit that I am very ignorant when it comes to other countries and geography is my worst skill.  I literally still have difficulty finding places in my own state and prior to Map Quest or GPS I had directions written everywhere and got lost on a daily basis.  The fact that I was able to drive to Colorado from New Jersey alone is only because you truly only take one main road.  My lack of knowledge regarding geography and our world is not something I am very proud of and oddly this blog is teaching me so much about our world.  I am very upset with myself that until I began writing this blog I only thought of chronic pain affecting the people in the United States.  It just never occurred to me that people from Ireland, India, the UK, and Malaysia (to name a few) were suffering with chronic pain as well.  The woman who I have recently been in contact with is truly suffering with chronic pain and literally has no one to turn to.  She does not have the ability to find places like the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota or any pain re-hab centers for that matter.  Chronic pain is not “real” in her country and she feels completely isolated.  I feel helpless at times because I can only write this blog and answer emails as I wish I could just hug every single person in our world who is suffering from chronic pain.  I cannot compare my story to anyone else in our world with chronic pain but I can understand feeling completely alone.  I was only a young teenager when I fell off of my bike and had brain surgery.  Chronic pain did not become unbearable until my late teens and we did not have access to the internet like we do now.   I knew no one with chronic pain and there was no such thing as Google or Twitter.   For ten years I was alone with chronic pain and did not know one person who was also suffering with the same invisible illness. 

If all I can do is continue to write and spread awareness about chronic pain than that has to be enough.  I will continue to write and share my story and answer anyone that contacts me who needs help or understanding.  I do not care where you reside, chronic pain is real and it is one of the most painful, awful diseases to hit anyone.  There is hope and you will get through this and I will be here to guide you along the way.b6c29406e5f753acf4512bf06521795d


2 thoughts on “Chronic Pain is a Global Issue

  1. dave says:

    Good blog. It is important to give voice to our concerns with pain. Even though medicine and government dont care to listen.

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