During this interview with Morgan Freeman, the interviewer asked him:  “How are we going to get rid of racism?  Mr. Freedman replied quite simply: “Stop talking about it.”  I have always loved Morgan Freeman, not just as an actor but as a humanitarian as well.  His acting skills are just a tremendous bonus to his character.  Up until recently I had no idea that Morgan Freeman suffered from chronic pain and managed it naturally.  Did you?  I love this interview and his witty reasoning for not liking “Black History Month” as I completely agree with him.  However, there is a little hidden truth regarding chronic pain in this interview.  If the interviewer knew Morgan Freeman had chronic pain and asked: “How do you get rid of the pain?”  I believe his response would come close to: “Stop talking about it.”  Many reading this right now who are battling chronic pain probably think I am totally wrong and cannot believe I had the audacity to write or think that but bear with me.

In my large box of tools to manage chronic pain naturally is: not using the word pain and continuously finding distractions when all I can seem to focus on is the pain.  Hence why the minute I wake up I exercise: something I not only love but helps my chronic pain levels as well.  I rarely think about pain as I exercise and it is proven to help both chronic pain and anxiety.  The hardest aspect in my journey with chronic pain is not thinking about the pain or telling people how much pain I am in.   Yes, this can be hard at times especially when I truly am having a horrible day managing pain.  On these days, I will never say to my loved ones: “I am in so much pain I feel like knives are digging into my neck and back.”  I simply say: “I am having a difficult day” and they know exactly what that means.  The more I focus on the pain, the more pain I feel.  The less I focus on the pain, the less pain I feel.  Clearly the same goes with talking about pain.  The more I talk about pain, the more I think about pain.  This applies to everything in our lives but is imperative in my management in chronic pain.  Of course I need to use everything in my tool box for pain management but this is one of the more difficult yet important tools I must use.  I believe Morgan Freeman uses this tool as well: I could be wrong of course but this is my belief.

The title of my blog and hopefully book one day is: “No One Gets Flowers For Chronic Pain.”  This is pretty much a fact and the basis for my blog.  I do not want flowers for chronic pain: I got enough in the hospital following my brain surgery.  What I want and what everyone with chronic pain wants is validation and support.   The best thing one can ever do for someone with chronic pain is believe them and never make them feel worthless.  No one wants pity because of their invisible illness.  They want love, empathy, and support.  Just because someone is not discussing their invisible illness does not mean it does not exist.  Chronic pain can affect anyone even Morgan Freeman, maybe his battle with chronic pain is part of the reason he is so empathetic and such an inspiration around the world.


What YOU Don’t Know About Chronic Pain!


4 thoughts on “What YOU Don’t Know About Chronic Pain!

  1. So true. It’s much easier to ignore the pain when we don’t think about it, much easier not to think about it if we don’t talk about it. I often feel torn about this, on one hand we want the stigma of invisible illness to go away so we need to talk about it, and be real about it. On the other hand, we don’t want to personally deal with the pain, so it’s best not to talk about it. A catch-22.

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    I love everything about this post… And honestly, everything on “No one Gets Flowers For Chronic Pain” is just amazing. I just spent the past 30 minutes reading her latest posts. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you definitely should!!

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