It honestly seems like yesterday I was writing a post about September being chronic pain awareness month and was so beyond proud of myself for no longer taking any medication for pain and becoming the healthiest person and mother I could be despite chronic pain.  Although this has been a difficult summer due to life circumstances I have maintained my choice to never see a doctor for pain or take pain medication.  That has been extremely tough as stress and huge life changes can literally cause pain to just rise to unbelievable levels.  I never make the same “mistake” twice.  That saying, I do not judge anyone who takes medication for chronic pain as for ten years I literally did and tried every medicine, procedure, and pain reliever I could find.

This list is huge for anyone suffering from chronic pain and more importantly those who love a person who has chronic pain.  Please share this post and this image as I feel it truly expresses the essence and severity of chronic pain.  We need to spread awareness and make support much more available.



September: Chronic Pain Awareness Month!!!


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