Movies and music are two of my favorite distractions from chronic pain.  I have always been a fan of Adam Sandler and this ridiculous movie: Billy Madison has honestly helped me at times.  I totally understand how odd that sounds, however this scene and quote from the movie comes to my mind on a weekly basis.  Adam Sandler plays a man who has a very rich father who owns a huge company.  Because his father was so wealthy, Billy (played by Adam Sandler)  never grew up and lived his entire life having fun, pulling pranks, and acting like a typical sixteen year old boy.  He never graduated high school and is forced to repeat each grade from Kindergarten to 12th grade in order to inherit his father’s company.  This scene is  from his first day in Kindergarten as a grown man.  Ms. Libby (his teacher) is reading a story about a little boy who lost his dog.  Every five year old in the class falls asleep but Billy Madison is clearly riveted and fired up about this book written for children.  I do not love this movie and it is definitely not my favorite Adam Sandler movie but this scene and what he says about finding the dog makes me laugh every time I think about it.  My friends have always said I like the oddest scenes from movies that the majority of people forget, this may be a prime example.

When I am having a difficult time managing chronic pain, I seem to always think of this movie.  When I want to just give up and cry for a day I literally repeat in my head: “You got a pet, you got a responsibility.  If your dog is lost , you don’t look for an hour then call it quits.  You get off your ass and you find your f*^&*$# dog.”  It not only makes me smile and laugh, it changes my perspective on giving up.  I totally understand how ridiculous this sounds but the littlest things can keep you going.  Clearly, I have never given up but sometimes I need a boost and distractions are my biggest tool in managing chronic pain naturally.   Laughter, movies, and music get me through some challenging times even the silliest movies like: Billy Madison.   Chronic pain is an ongoing journey and we all need to find distractions when our mind is so focused on our pain that we literally feel trapped in our own bodies of hell.  It does not matter what distraction you use if it is not harmful to you or others.  Whatever works!  If you are having a tough time today find a distraction even if it just a walk outside for twenty minutes or a reality television show.   Anything is better than sitting or lying in bed just focusing on pain and all the negative thoughts that sadly do come with this invisible illness.


The Oddest things Keep you Going


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