It has been well over a year since I began this blog on managing chronic pain naturally and living a happy life despite pain.  I know this is what I was meant to do in my heart and I truly believe one day this blog/book will reach millions of people who are suffering from chronic pain and give them hope and guidance.  My daughter as seen in this picture (have you ever seen the movie,  Ace Ventura Pet Detective….that is totally what this picture makes me think of) was about a year old when I began this blog and she was “easy” at that age.  Now she is at an age where I am “that mom” in the grocery store looking like a terrible mother because my daughter is throwing a fit because she wants more stickers or just throwing a tantrum on the floor in the library.  My readers know, Kayci is my heart and soul and honestly mini-me.  However, being a stay at home mom with a two and a half yr old who is with you 90 percent of the time can be very stressful, especially when following a natural routine to manage my chronic pain.  She is usually the greatest distraction but sometimes the worst.  I am juggling a lot right now as the child I was a nanny for has entered school full time and I am searching for a new nanny job.   Honestly, being a nanny is amazing and so much less work than looking for a new position.  Not to mention, Kayci loves being with kids and she misses having the child I was a nanny for a lot.  I was able to focus a lot more on my blog and dedicate so much more time to it when I was a nanny.   Now, I spend most of my mornings on different nanny sites setting up interviews and applying to multiple jobs.  I will find one, no question but I am not going to settle as I really do a lot as a mother and nanny.  It is okay to compliment yourselves, most important compliments come from you to you!

My mornings were my time before Kayci awoke to exercise or practice yoga and then write.  Now, my mornings are exercise/yoga and then search and apply to jobs.  It is quite frustrating as writing about my journey with chronic pain and helping people who suffer from chronic pain is my deepest passion.  Did you ever feel something so deep inside your heart and soul that you just knew you had to do it?  That is what I feel about reaching out and helping anyone I can who has chronic pain.  As a medical social worker I was not really able to do what my true passion was as I had a caseload of one hundred plus patients half of whom had Alzheimer’s disease.  I loved helping my patients but I never really was able to truly help a person as the paperwork as a social worker takes up about eighty plus percent of your day.  Writing and reaching people with chronic pain is what my heart and soul know is what I was meant to do with my life.  However, for now the pay is non-existent and I have a family and need to earn money and being a stay at home mom and nanny is the perfect match for me until I reach the point that my life can revolve around my family and helping those with chronic pain.  When your passion is combined with your career, you know you are doing what you were meant to do.

I want to dedicate this post to a young girl from the UK, Katrina.


Craziness of Chronic Pain and Life


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