“There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you could read their story.”

Imagine if everyone kept a private journal that they had never shared with anyone and in the entries were written the pain, anger, hurt, happiness, joy and every life event that the world knew nothing about.  Now, imagine everyone threw their private journals in a pile for each and every person in their inside and outside world to read. All of our thoughts regarding every person we ever passed judgement on or  felt he or she were just rude, awful people, we now see each of them in a totally different light.  The neighbor that lives next door to you is always nasty and never even says hello to you when you say hi each day: read his journal and he suffers from PTSD from serving our country in the Vietnam War.  The woman who is always analyzing how you look and dress suffers from an eating disorder or was abused as a child.  And finally, us the people with chronic pain who are truly good people (I honestly believe there is some good in everyone and I honestly mean everyone) look healthy on the outside but may be in their darkest hours of the battle with chronic pain and yet he or she will not dare tell you because he or she is tired of the rolling of eyes and questions and disbelief.

Everyone has a story, everyone has a past, everyone is fighting battles the world knows nothing about.  We do not need more people judging and hating others, we need more love and acceptance.  I am sure there are people that do not feel they know the true Jessica because they do not understand why I was such a mess after my brain surgery and throughout my journey with chronic pain.  If anyone could read all the journals I had written for years upon years during my deepest pain, they would see me in a totally different light.

Spread love and kindness to the world with not one expectation of getting it back.

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Everyone Has a Story: Spread LOVE


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