Power of the Mind


“Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe , “More of this, please.”  You need never again make another verbal statement without this intent, and if you were allowing your cork to float, all good things will flow to you.”

Abraham Hicks

The more we focus on what we do not want, the more of whatever it is we do not want will come and a very quick but steady pace.  However, the same goes for focusing only on what we do want: not only will you feel happier, you will gradually attract exactly what it is you are focusing on.  The obvious, for most of my readers is chronic pain.  The most difficult thing for me and most likely all of you with chronic pain is not putting all our focus on the pain because well, its physical pain that is non-stop.  Once I began the natural approach to managing chronic pain, I used constant distractions of things I love to train my brain to not think about pain.  This picture is a clear vision of three of my favorite distractions from chronic pain: my daughter, the warm sun and feeling the sand, and being able to use the ocean with all of my senses.

Aside from chronic pain, we all have things in our life that we want to change but we continually say: “I do not want this or that” instead of saying: “This is what I want and it will come to me.  I must not believe or think any differently.”  The Universe hears everything we say out loud and in turn follows what we are announcing: the Universe and you are pure magnets: either attracting what we want, or exactly what we do not want.  Hence: The Law of Attraction.  Lately, I hear myself saying non-stop: I do not want this or this will never happen.  I’m wasting my energy more and more because focusing on what I do not want only brings me intense anxiety, increased pain, and puts me in a steady state of worry.  And again, as I quote often: worrying will never change the outcome.  There are points in all our lives where it seems as if nothing is going right and you feel absolutely hopeless and alone.  I have been there, even since my daughter was born.  Then, within hours she something hilarious, or I hear her speaking softly to her “animals” saying things such as: ” Its okay Puggie, I got you” an my heart melts.  I need to (we all do) start declaring what I want, even if just for me and stop saying what I do not want.  I see an amazing holistic therapist who gave me a project one day as I was explaining how deep my passion was to help people with chronic pain and how much I wanted that to by my life mission.  I did not have a lap top at the time as I was a stay at home mother and nanny and really petrified of technology.  When I was in high school the only thing I was taught computer wise was how to play the “Oregon Trail” on a very blurry computer screen.  Yes, I am 33, missed the boat on true technology.   Ok, back to my very passionate, deep conversation about my goal and passion to help others see that they can live a happy, fulfilling life despite this horrible invisible illness.  She gave me ideas, as she is my biggest fan and believes in me unlike anyone ever has.  I kept saying: “but this or that will not work.  I don’t have a computer, how would that ever produce an income…..excuses upon excuses.  Her advice was for me to write down to the Universe a note as to exactly what I wanted and why I wanted it: to reach people and make a difference in the lives of people struggling with chronic pain.  I wrote the note down and put it away in one of my t-shirt drawers.  Although her assignments and ideas always seemed beyond my understanding, three days later my mom (out of the blue, never mentioned the word blog or anything to her) bought me a lap top in which I have used to write for the past year plus.  I asked my Mom: “Why the hell do you want to get me a lap top?”  She said with her sassiness: “Because Jessica, you are thirty three not sixty, you need  a computer.”

Practice appreciating what you have and more will me.  Lower some or all of your expectations from people and the Universe and you will see how much you have.  Finally, start speaking to the world what you want as opposed to what you do not want.


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