Everything is a Little Broken


My two year old says on a daily basis: “Mommy, it’s broken!”  Sometimes what she says is “broken” just needs batteries, a tiny fix, or is literally a small crack in the sidewalk.  Since she has begun speaking and says: “Mommy, its broken!”  I always say to her: “Kayci, everything is just a little broken, nothing is perfect.”  And she automatically says: “Oh ok Mommy, that’s ok.”

Everything breaks at times, some breaks last a lifetime and others just need time to heal.  Relationships break, bones break, houses break, careers are broken, and our hearts are broken at times.  However, we still can shine even when we have breaks.  Clearly, my biggest break was my bike accident: my collar bone healed but my the effects from my head injury are probably going to last a lifetime.   However, I can still bring a lot of color and love to myself, my family, and the world.  Even the breaks that last forever do not have to destroy our lives.  At times it appears breaks ruin us for life but overtime we see that we were wrong.  When I was at my worst point with chronic pain I always wanted to see myself in the future to know I could survive and be happy.  I thought: “if I could just see myself years from now happy and healthy I will keep going and find any strength I have left to go on.”   I even went to various psychics on the New Jersey boardwalk.  Let us just say that they were very wrong, clearly (money well spent ha.)  None of us can see into the future, it is not possible.  The Universe wants us to live in the present and have faith, courage, and the wisdom to know that everything will be okay.

I feel at times somewhat broken and then I remember what I tell my daughter who is only two: “Everything is a little broken love.”

I bet if all of us could see our future we would never worry again.  We need to have faith, courage, and remind ourselves that so many wonderful things are going to happen.


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