Laugh and Learn


“Little Miss Sunshine” is one of my many favorite movies for both laughter, and lessons.  If you have never seen this movie: you need to.  It is about a young girl who has a dream of being a “beauty queen.”  Each family member has issues but throughout the movie you see everyone let the small things go, live life without caring what others think, and find a love between them that is much stronger than they ever knew.  The father is not very involved with his two children and focuses his life on work and success, the mother is barely holding it together, the Grandfather is just insane (in a hilarious, I do not give a crap what anyone thinks way), the Uncle has just been released from a mental health hospital but we learn he really did not have the issues he first thought he did, the son is so angry with the world he goes on strike from speaking for a long time, and finally the daughter who is not societies perception of “beauty queen” has a passion for just that being a beauty queen.  You put the six of the family members in a VW bus for the road trip to the beauty queen pageant and fall in love with each character.  The time they spend together through a crazy road trip allows them to learn who each of their loved ones are and more importantly learn who they are.  The father learns what he has been missing out on: family time.   He learns to stop caring what others think and it sets him free.  The picture in this post is proof of his transformation: his daughter is doing a dance on stage for the pageant that is very unique, funny, and nothing one would expect from a six year old in a pageant.  If he had seen his daughter’s performance before their road trip, he would have been humiliated and upset.  However, when asked by the Pageant’s Supervisor: “What is your daughter doing?”  His response is simple: “She’s kicking ass.  That’s what she’s doing.”  The son that has so much anger built up with everything and everyone lets it all out when he finally just screams with immense emotion, his pain being released and acknowledged by his family.

Each character demonstrates to me what “living” is.  Learning, not allowing anyone to take away your dreams, courage, transformations, time with the people you love, not caring what people think, laughter, letting the small stuff go, and just allowing life to happen while realizing being with the people you love is more important than anything.   We have to allow people to be who they are and love and support them even if we cannot understand their way of life.   I think I may learn more from movies and music than I do from other hobbies.  I have been so beyond stressed and working so hard that I’m just tired.  Sometimes we just need to laugh and enjoy life.  It is okay to take a break and turn everything off and just laugh and relax.  Our minds and bodies need that.  It is Friday, do something this weekend that makes you smile and forget your stressors: do not worry they will be there when you return.  However, you will be able to deal with them a lot more easily.

Have a great Friday!  I apologize on behalf of our country that there are no longer places called “video stores” where you can just rent any movie you want.


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