You Must Be Yourself


“People will love you.  People will hate you.  And none of it will have anything to do with you.”

Abraham Hicks

I am thirty three years old and this concept is still hard for me to remember, however I know it to be true.  I am not a big fan of the word hate as I am not sure anyone truly hates anyone, except themselves at times.  Being angry, frustrated, annoyed, may cause a person to feel “hate” but call me crazy (most people do) I truly do not believe deep down we are a world of hate.  We are all victims of victims and are taught at a young age from our parents how to behave, act, love etc.  But, no one is born with hate.

People may not like you, people may treat you like they “hate” you, and there are some people who will want nothing to do with you.  It really does not have much to do with you as a person, your true being.  If you are being your true self and know deep down you are a good person with a heart full of love despite the mistakes we all make at times, then anyone who claims to “hate” you has literally nothing to do with you.  I have “hated” myself at times for my actions or because of chronic pain and that hatred towards myself has caused me to feel so much pain that I say things to people that can be mean but I am most likely talking about how I feel about myself.  Remember that when someone is calling you names or acting as if he or she hates you: most of what they say are direct feelings about how they feel about themselves.  There is a huge difference between anger and hate.  If we remind ourselves of that concept then we will begin to not put emphasis on anything people say to us.

You know yourself better than anyone in the world.  Your mind may get confused on an hourly basis, but your heart and intuition know who you are.  If you are doing the best you can and are true to yourself and your values, despite mistakes we all make: nothing anyone outside of you can affect you unless you allow it to.  I write so much about self-love because if we were all taught the importance of loving yourself and taking care of yourself at the youngest of ages, so much “hate” would leave our world.  Once, you truly love yourself you have no room to “hate” anyone else.  Unfortunately, most of us are not taught this and learn the opposite from our homes and even schools/peers.  I have struggled with self love most of my life.  I struggled with loving myself as a child and that self love disappeared following my accident and subsequent chronic pain.  It was not until the age of twenty-nine or so that I even learned the concept of self-love.

Do what your heart says, follow your intuition, learn from the huge mistakes you make in your lifetime, forgive yourself and remember to love yourself.  Once you love yourself and find the real you, no one in the world can make you feel inferior without your consent.


2 thoughts on “You Must Be Yourself

  1. Michele Ritchie says:

    I found your blog on July 28 2014. You have changed my life. Thank you for showing me and everyone else how to manage chronic pain naturally.

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID


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