“You can re-wire your brain by simply thinking of 3 things you are grateful for, for twenty one days.  Happiness will increase.”

I awoke around four am this morning for my “Jessica time” : yoga, breathing exercises, writing, and just enjoying the silence.  I opened the closet door in which I keep my yoga collection and saw one of Kayci’s coloring boxes and I smiled.  Such a simple thing: a box with crayons, stickers, paper, Halloween ideas etc.  and yet it make me happy.  I have been in “bitching mode” as of late as it has been a challenging few months and it is quite easy at this time to find a million things I am not happy about and/or want to change.  However, there are also so many things to be grateful for that I cannot allow the bad things make me forget all the good.  So I will write my gratitude list on here today and hopefully you can all do the same.

1. Kayci, although she is trying at times she is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.  She is funny, smart, entertaining, and beyond loving.  I laugh every time she points because she uses her middle finger.  She can make anyone laugh and brings so much joy to us.

2. My family: I love when my husband makes me laugh or holds me at night.  I love making him proud and most of all love making a family with him.  Marriage is hard but love and joy can overcome any hardships.

3.  Music, especially when driving in my car as it brings me happiness and peace.  I love singing in my car and pretending I sound just like the artist.

4.  My computer as I am able to write this blog and hopefully help others with chronic pain.

5. Halloween.

6. Knowing that everything I want and dream of will happen in the right time and space.

There are so many other things I have to be grateful for so I vow to once again write down in a journal three things I am grateful for each day.  No matter how difficult a day may be I know from experience that keeping a gratitude journal always brings happiness.  I hope everyone has a great day and  remember I am always only an email away.

chronic pain

21 Day Gratitude Project


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