“Buy a notebook.  Write down what you want.  Write down what hurts you.  Show it to someone you love.  Save it for your children.  Burn it in your backyard.  Either way, go to bed knowing that in some way, those things are out of you.”

I have always loved writing and journaling.  It is one of my biggest passions and I think I am pretty damn good at it.  For those of you who read my blog, I am not talking about grammar and the correct punctuation (they have editors for that part.)  I write as an artist paints: the words just come out and I keep writing without overthinking commas, semi colons etc.  I write as Jackson Pollack painted:  freely, openly, and honestly.  I used to keep a journal and I wrote in it daily and then life got busier: daughter, family, house, work, my blog, and all the things I do to manage chronic pain naturally.  I started my “one liner” journal in 2011 right after my first miscarriage, pre Kayci (my two year old.)  Each day I write one to three lines about the highlights of the day. For example:


2011: walk with Sunny, ultrasound 🙂 25 weeks pregnant, Kayci is one pound and thirteen ounces-sucking her thumb: I am so in love.  Library, Animo (juice bar) walk with KK

2012: Amazing Saturday!  Pumpkin picking with my K’s: Kayci’s first time!  Discovery Museum, home with my loves, walk to town to buy sushi.

2013: Ran a couple miles with Kayci.  Major cleaning.  Pumpkin picking with friends and family.  SO SO SO FUN.  Kayci had a blast!

2014: Awoke 4am, yoga, blog post, spent time with dad, played with Kayci, laundry, Wegmans (Kayci hilarious) made dinner, Kayci had dance party, Steelers play (I’ll sit that one out.)

I will continue this one liner journal for the rest of my life.  Some of the days are not so happy and joyful as 10/20 is, maybe this is a lucky day or a magic number for me.  However, this journal shows me quickly my ups and downs with chronic pain, family, and the joys of motherhood.  However,  I need to begin writing down all the crap that fills my head at night.  I cannot just lay there thinking about any sadness, angers, or fears.  I have to write them down using as many curse words as I want.  I need to do this just for me.   It always helps to talk things out but some things you may just want to write on paper for you and no one else. Writing all of your frustrations out is a release your mind and body need. One does not have to do this each night.  There are no rules to writing.   However, on those nights when your mind is eating you alive get out a notebook and right down all the crap that is cluttering your mind and keeping you from peace.  Try it!   It definitely will not hurt and is most likely to help you a great deal.


4 thoughts on “Get The Crap OUT OF YOUR MIND

  1. I really like that idea of a one liner journal. Thanks for your open and honest words … and for creating a place where people feel like they are not alone. In their pain.

  2. compoundnerd says:

    I love the idea of a one/few liner journal entry every day! Can I steal it? I don’t always have time to write out a full post but I agree that writing down both the good and the bad can be very cathartic.

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