“It is much more beneficial to your health if you feel your way through life, than think your way through life.”

Deepak Chopra

The average person thinks around 30,000 thoughts a day: most of them negative and have no basis in reality.  We overthink everything (yes, myself included.)  I love whoever once said: “I have 99 problems and only one of them is real.”  Overthinking kills any joy you have and is the deepest root of all pain.  We think about the past and ask ourselves a million questions to which we will never have answers for.  We think about the future, a time that has not even come yet.  Overthinking is stress times ten and is literally killing us.  What is your biggest struggle/worry about right now.  I know most of you are going to say chronic pain as this blog is about my journey with chronic pain but there are other things I am sure.  What is the one thing in your life you cannot stop thinking about that causes you anxiety, fear, depression, and increases your pain?  You probably did not have to think hard to come up with your answer.  STOP OBSESSING!  Yes, I am speaking to myself as well.  Our minds are liars most of the time and literally act like a ping pong tournament.  There is a ball bouncing in your mind at all times.  That little ball is stealing your life away one bounce at a time.  Your heart and soul know the answers.  There is no ping pong ball bouncing around in your heart where your inner guidance and intuition resides.   Go with that.  Do you want to be right and have all the answers or do you want to be happy and live a peaceful life?

All I want is love, peace, and to be surrounded by good energy.  I know that I do not have the answers to any of my problems or worries but they will come.   There is absolutely no point in trying to figure out who, where, when, whats of our life.  Just go with it.  The answers will come.  We must not allow our minds to control us anymore.  Your thoughts are usually assholes which have zero idea what is going on.  We all fear the unknown.   We all fear the future.  We all worry about things that may or may not happen.  I am thirty three years of age and I still live like this way more often than I should.  My heart and soul know for a fact that the answers will come if I just feel, love, and go with the flow.   You will never be able to see into the future, I’m sorry.  It just won’t happen.  Let all the crap go.  Do you have any idea what all this obsessing and negative thinking is doing to you, especially those of us with chronic pain?   It is destroying your life.  Feel your way through today.  Love, cherish, breathe and just know that all you can do is focus on the  now.  The answers to your problems will come.  I promise.  Enjoy today for what it is.  Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.


Two of my favorite people in the world.  My father in law and my daughter.  They both listen with their hearts and leave their minds at the door.  Now, that is wisdom.




One thought on “FEEL do not THINK

  1. I do pretty well until I lay my head on the pillow and all is quiet…that is, as you say, when my thoughts become an “asshole”. That made me laugh out loud this morning…thanks for that! Today I will try to live in the moment!

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