Laugh at The Madness!


Laughing is one of my favorite things to do except fake laughing to appease others (never works…not a good faker.)  When I look back at all my difficult times and amazing times I remember the funniest moments more so than the saddest.  I was having a difficult time with chronic pain this past Wednesday.  Even though I manage pain naturally and for the most part have found many ways to not focus on pain, I still have difficult days.  This past Wednesday was my father in-laws birthday.   A few days before I planned something simple but something I knew he would appreciate and remember.   I found ten pictures of our family from the past five years and wrote on the back of each picture the memories of that particular day.  On his birthday, I ordered ten helium balloons and snuck them into our home with my two year old and her Dora balloon.  I tied each memory picture to each balloon and it looked pretty awesome.  My two year old was so excited, she ran up to my in-laws apartment and screamed: “Pap, balloons!  Come!”  He was surprised and as he opened up each envelope to a new picture/memory note his eyes filled with happy tears.   I was so happy to see him so appreciative and touched, however I truly had a really tough time ignoring the pain.  Then all of a sudden, once each memory picture had been opened, Kayci (our two year old) ran and grabbed all ten balloons and started running around the house with them.  She got totally stuck in the balloons and started yelling: “Stuck balloons.”  Her attempt at saying: “stuck” came out as that curse word with the letter f that rhymes with stuck.   None of us could help but to laugh and as we laughed she started screaming with laughter: “stuck balloons.”  I came close to peeing my pants and was literally gasping for breath because was laughing so hard.  We finally got it together as all of us were laughing so she would stop using the f word even though she was really saying stuck.  Years from now I will not remember the physical pain I was feeling but I will remember laughing to the point of tears as my little girl pranced around repeating what she thought sounded like stuck.

Laughter is one of the greatest distractions from thinking about pain.  I think that is why I love movies so much: comedies to be precise.  When I think of random quotes from “Elf” or “The Hangover” I smile and sometimes literally laugh out loud.  I love so many movies because they make me laugh for years to come.  I am that girl who quotes movies on a daily basis and most people have no idea what I am talking about but it makes me laugh.  Sometimes we have to laugh at the madness and stress of life.  There are some days managing motherhood, chronic pain, and work that make me feel crazy and I just throw up my hands and laugh.  Laughter can be a train reaction: the more I laugh, the more Kayci laughs and so on.  Think of the past times where you laughed so hard your stomach hurt or a television show such as, Friends or movies that make you laugh and rent them.  That saying: “Laughter is the best medicine” does have some truth to it.  It is no cure to chronic pain but it sure does help!


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