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Let the Universe Surprise You!


“I’m not making any plans, I am just going to allow the Universe to surprise me.”

One of the greatest pieces of advice I have ever been given was by my inspiring yoga instructor.  Pre-K (Pre Kayci) I had a miscarriage and fell apart for a few weeks.  I then got back on track with my management of chronic pain and began going to the same yoga studio each day.  I was on a good track with my natural management of cp but was totally lost in what to do with my life and literally was totally lost. This yoga teacher said to me: “Being lost is sometimes the greatest place to be.  It is there that you find yourself and your purpose.  Leave this studio today and let the Universe take care of the rest.” I for once listened to her and threw my hands up and allowed the Universe to surprise me.  A year or so later, Kayci was born.  A year after that I had my second miscarriage which at the time seemed like a cruel punishment, however without that painful experience I would not have found my passion: writing/helping those suffering from chronic pain as there is a huge difference between pain and suffering.  I have always loved writing but never once thought about writing a book about my journey with chronic pain.  It hit me like a ton of bricks one week after my miscarriage what I had to do while here on this Earth.  I declared to myself and the Universe: “I am going to write a book about my journey with chronic pain and it will be called ‘No One Gets Flowers for Chronic Pain’ I do not know how to write a book, I just know how to write.” I was never a computer/technology person and I remain ignorant to many tools on this damn lap top which I always call lab top (now I forget which term its called again.)  However, I asked my closest friends how to write a book.   Immediately each person said: “You are going to have to start with a blog meaning Jess, its time you get a computer.”  Ugh.  I am a minimalist, technology freaks me out, I still never go on Face Book accept to post my blog.  I sucked it up and got a lab lap top: whatever it’s called.  Now, for a person at age of 32 who only knows how to play Angry Birds on her phone learning how to start a blog scared the crap out of me.  However, I started a year and a half ago and here we are.  Have I helped people? Yes.   Have I found my calling/passion? Yes.  Do I love writing? Yes.  Will this be a best seller one day? May as well say yes.  The Universe responds to what you want and declare not what you fear and doubt.

Did you ever just know in your soul what you want to do and literally cannot stand the thought of not doing it?  It is like having butterflies in your stomach that are buzzing around yearning for you to go after your dream.  That is one of the reasons I write this blog.  The other is clear: I want to help people with chronic pain.  I feel I was given a gift to be able to stay at the Pain Rehab Center for a month to learn how to accept and manage pain naturally.  We are all not given this gift.  Pay it forward.  I’m following my dream.  Now, for all of you.  I have probably embedded this into your head but do not lay around thinking about pain non stop.  You know what you enjoy doing.  Get up and do it.  Even if it is writing me an email because you just want to punch yourself so your pain makes sense.  Take a break.  The Universe has got this.


3 thoughts on “Let the Universe Surprise You!

  1. Absolutely agree with this 100%. I think everything happens for a reason and though difficult things may happen to you along the way, you will find your path in life. I try to give up worrying about the future and instead live in the here and now. Do things that I enjoy and see where it takes me. I could get caught up in a lot of stress and worry but I think, what is the point? Really. You just deal what life throws at you and it can open you up to the best experiences/lessons if you let it. Thank you for writing your blog, I read every post over on Bloglovin’.

  2. What an incredibly strong person you are. Your words offer such a positive outlook even when dealing with a dark, painful and frustrating disease. Your insight will help many people stay in the sunshine and continue to hope. Thank you and wishing you all the best. Dr. Michael Cooney

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