“There is a voice that doesn’t use words.  Listen.”


Scientists say that we are born with five senses: smell, touch, hearing, talking, and taste.  For me there is one more sense: intuition.  Intuition is a tricky sense because many of us are unable to truly tap into that feeling.  Not out of desire or lack there of but because our minds have so much power over that sixth sense.  Within ten minutes my mind can think up a hundred different things: sixty percent may be correct and the remainder is total insanity.  It is the same with ninety percent of the things we worry about: most are not true, and the rest work themselves out.  There is a quote that states: “Worrying is like paying interest on a debt you may never owe.” Great quote but I would be lying if I said I was not consumed with worry and anxiety right now.  However, I am a very intuitive person.  When I feel something strong in my gut it always turns out to be one hundred percent true.  This rarely happens because my mind gets in the way but when it does I follow that intuition.  For example, I knew I was pregnant with Kayci very early with zero symptoms of pregnancy: no nausea, fatigue, smells, nada.  I was sitting in the middle of a yoga class and while in downward facing dog position, the instructor asked the class: “How is everyone feeling?” I automatically jumped up and said without hesitation: “Pregnant.”  The entire class, aside from my two good friends who know me well looked at me as though I was nuts.  I ran out of class, drove to the nearest pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test.  Two minutes later: two lines, pregnant.

At times intuition really sucks because ignorance can be bliss.  Knowing something within your heart that your mind wants to ignore to no end is one of the most heartbreaking feelings in the world.  You try so hard to force your mind to ignore what your heart knows and yet are unable.  I am now at a place that I can no longer ignore my intuition and I have to find the same strength I found when I made a choice to manage chronic pain naturally. I know my strength and I know my truth and I am proud of the person I am today yet that does not take away that sixth sense that has now become so loud I have no choice but to listen to it. However, sometimes the scariest things we do end up giving us blessings we never imagined or thought (as I did with chronic pain) would never come to fruition.  When we stop ignoring our inner wisdom/intuition the Universe conspires to bring us exactly what our hearts want.  The hardest part is shutting the mind off, listening to your intuition and taking that jump.  I have been here before: sitting outside the Pain Rehab Center scared to death to walk into a building where I knew no one and was about to be taken off any pain medications and learn to live and accept chronic pain naturally.  My intuition knew I had to walk through those doors, my mind kept taking leaps back.  I jumped and took that leap of faith and with time my dreams came true. Here I am again.  I have come to a point that I can no longer ignore my inner wisdom and have to take that jump.  I realize you all have no idea what I am talking about but that is neither here nor there.  I am going to take this jump as scary as it is and from experience I know the Universe will once again come into alignment with my hopes, loves, and desires.


3 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. I just found your blog on Counting My Spoons and loved this post. I so agree about the importance of intuition. I, too, have been working to listen as it is my guide in life, in work, in health, …. The fears and tendencies to cover up the impulses are stronger than I’ve ever realized (I am working with chronic fatigue), even with years of taking risks to follow my gut with my health, to keep learning to listen to my body and my soul, and learning to trust this inner voice. Wishing you the best on your journey with following this latest trust in your intuition!

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