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You NEVER Know What Battles a Person Faces: BE KIND


This morning my dad gave me a Father’s Day card my Mom wrote him (from me) when I was a mere three weeks old.  I was born in 1981 and my parents were very young and I was a “surprise” (as many kids are, lets be honest: keep it real.  They did not stay married for very long.  The divorced before I was the age of one so I never really knew my mom and dad as a couple and honestly cannot imagine them together.  I love them both with all my heart and have attributes from both, however they are polar opposites.  Here is the Father’s Day poem/card my Mom wrote my dad on Father’s Day, 1981.

“Happy Fathers day to my dad from me.

I love him very much as you can see.

He cares for me every day.

He’s kind and considerate in every way.

He picks me up whenever I cry.

His love for me will never die.

I always feel secure when he’s around.

When I’m asleep he hardly makes a sound.

I know he’ll always forgive me if I have been bad.

I guess that’s why I’m lucky to have him as a dad.

I’ll love you dad forever and a day.

I guess that’s all I really wanted to say.”

Love, Jessica Lynne

I spent a great deal of my life with anger towards my mom as I had a difficult childhood and I was very confused growing up.  At times I had anger towards my dad as well.  I was a kid, I had no idea what the “real world” was about.  My parents were both in essence still children themselves when I was born.  I had no clue about their childhoods and as I have grown and become wise I realize as Louise Hay says: “We are all victims of victims.”  My mom and I are very close now that I am a mother and an adult.  When I read this poem my mother wrote to my father, I saw myself in my mom more than I ever had.  She writes little poems and notes just like I do.  She has a heart of gold and although has been through a lot, she is a strong woman who I am proud to call my mother.  Our actions do not define us.  Our words do not define us.  In reality nothing can define us but our true inner beauty.  We are all fighting battles people know nothing about.  Be true to yourself, love yourself and spread kindness even to those who are nasty to you: those are the people that need love the most.


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