Mind VS. Heart


“Sometimes the mind replays what the heart cannot delete.”


The “Under the Sea” party for this little peanut was a great success.  I have to say I am happy I never had a big wedding as the time it took to plan, decorate, and truly turn our home into the world of the Little Mermaid was very worth it for my daughter, but thirty hours of planning for three hours of a party is crazy.  However, she was so happy and I my eyes filled up when she and another little girl stood looking at Aerial sing as if true magic was happening.  It was magic.

I had a very difficult day yesterday which was possibly evident to my guests but I did my best to make this little person have the best day that she so deserves.  I am finding it more and more difficult to pause my mind and listen to my heart and that is why this quote jumped out at me so quickly.  I write frequently that the mind can play a thousand tricks on you but the heart and true intuition is most likely ninety nine percent accurate.  Everyone has an opinion regarding the way I chose to live my life as I am sure many or all of you also have people telling you their opinions regarding your life choices.  I keep reminding myself that I cannot listen to the advice of people that do not have to live with the outcome. I read a quote recently that said: “You will be given the same test over and over again in life until you pass.”  I understand that quote now.  I am given this test on a daily basis and clearly I continue to “fail.”  I have the wisdom to know how to pass this test but man this is a difficult test.  I awoke this morning and did a tabata exercise which relieves so much stress and helps with pain.  Following the workout, I began thinking of the one person I have turned to for ten years and who has helped me with my journey on living life with chronic pain naturally.  She has yet to be wrong with her advice or at times ridiculous ideas on how to get through something.  They seem ridiculous at the time but to this day, they always work.  My mind and my heart are at war and because of this my chronic pain is becoming more aware to me.  I am making a solid choice to listen to the advice of the one person I truly believe in and knows me and my story better than anyone in the world.  The advice is quite simple and not life changing so to all those who know me personally, relax.  It is a test that I need to pass from within that no one in my outside world will even notice because it is an inner job.

You are all very strong and extremely wise.  I was sent an amazing email this weekend from a woman who has taken my advice and I could not be more proud of her (you know who you are!)  Life is a journey and we are given tests and are literally put to the test at times to see and learn just how strong we are.  None of you are alone.


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