Support for Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain: Grieving Process


I am close to positive anyone viewing the above whom has chronic pain sees quite quickly that the stages of the grieving process are almost identical to the stages of chronic pain.  This is because chronic pain is loss and one must go through the same process one does when they lose something, such as a loved one.  The grieving process for people with chronic pain can almost be worse because you did not lose another, you lost yourself.  Just as the loss of a person, job, or anything that requires one to go through the grieving process, chronic pain must be remembered just as that: a process.  I have gone through each of these stages twice, the first being the most difficult.

Once I realized my physical pain in my head, face, and back would not go away I began my search for a cure.  There was no way this pain could last forever: I had brain surgery, they saved my life: I was sure that the physical pain I was experiencing would go away just as quickly as my surgery lasted with either medication or another procedure.  Well, you all know that process.  A couple years of doctors, medications, and procedures and I began acting out, becoming depressed, thought of ending my life, had more anger and rage than anyone.  I was lonely, sad, scared and fear had taken over my life to the point where I did isolate myself from the people I loved.  Throughout those years of looking for a cure I would gain some hope when a doctor seemed positive he or she had the answer and my spirits lifted a tad then bam back to square one once his or her medication, treatment, or procedure failed to help my chronic pain at all and in most cases only made it worse.  This cycle went on and on and on until I hit rock bottom as all do during any grieving process.

That is when I found myself (Thank you Universe) at The Mayo Clinic in a state I had only heard accents from: Minnesota.  It took me a long time to accept chronic pain and once I did accept it an even longer time to climb that mountain up, learning the tools to manage pain naturally.  I still climb as there is no top but as I manage pain naturally I am finally doing what I have always wanted to do: helping others learn that chronic pain is not a death sentence. I now have hope, empathy, self love, new strengths and new healthy relationships: most importantly a healthy relationship with myself.


2 thoughts on “Chronic Pain: Grieving Process

  1. I love that graphic – I don’t have chronic pain, but chronic fatigue – the loss of self is the same. Just devastating. Thanks for reminding me that this is a process – I’ll adjust over time.

    • You are more than welcome! Email me anytime if you need anything:
      It gets better: anything chronic sucks pain or fatigue etc. Pain is pain right?
      Just a process, like everything else we just tend to over complicate it most of the time

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