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No Such Thing as Wasting Time

ead9ba718bc68c3e2d132aa971ade4421f57b36ebbad23855ead79c7c0a5ae5c“The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time.”

John Lennon

Each morning I awake, as most of us do on auto pilot.  We have a plan and a system we use each day that rarely changes.  For me and how I manage chronic pain having a plan is crucial to my pain management.  Last night (as always) I wrote down each thing I had to do for the day: chronic pain wise.  As boring as this will appear, I will copy what I wrote down on here for you all to understand what I am trying to get across.

Saturday: August 8th



Grocery Shopping (along with list)


Plan for Disney Trip

Breathing Exercise

Okay, there you all have it: the life of Jessica Lynne Martin.  May appear boring but it really is not for me.  I have chronic pain and I am able to function and manage it naturally while enjoying life: nothing is boring for me when it comes to managing chronic pain, family, motherhood, or writing.  I get very anxious on weekends because my routines for managing chronic pain are often interrupted, usually for great reasons but nonetheless I do get nervous.  I awoke this morning and our three-year old has a cold, nothing major but considering the fact we are traveling to Florida in less than a week the main goal is to get healthy.  Many of the above plans went out the window except for two of them: exercise and grocery shopping. We randomly decided to go to rent a movie from Red Box (Oh my word, how I miss video stores…come back) and rented the new version of Annie which I had been totally against since Annie was my favorite musical and movie as a child and to think of a re-make made me crazy.  However, my good friend raved about the movie so I caved knowing my daughter would like it no matter what because it had music.  Talk about positive energy and distractions from chronic pain.  This was one of the greatest movies I have seen in a long time.  I loved it to the point that I re-wound the final scene featuring the song: “The Sun will Come Out Tomorrow” about ten times and was dancing and literally doing cart wheels in the living room.  Yes, I just bought the movie on Amazon.  For those of you who know me well, you know all the reasons I absolutely am obsessed with this movie.  I started thinking about how I manage chronic pain without medicine and what helps the most: positive energy and distractions, which usually means music and/or movies.  Yes, I must follow my chronic pain management routine as seen above, especially exercise and meditation but positive energy/humor/and distractions are what truly make me smile.  Last night I was having a difficult time not focusing on pain so I began looking up quotes from the movie: The Hangover and was laughing like crazy.  I posted more quotes to Instagram than I care to admit but some things just do not get old.   Even now my lips are curling into a smile thinking about the scene from the movie when Ed Helms realizes he has just married a stripper.  He screams at Zach Galifianakis: “I married a whore!”  Zach Galifianakis replies: “How dare you! She’s a nice lady!!!”  I may or may have not lost many of you who have not seen this movie and for those who have yet to see this movie get to a movie store, I mean a Red Box (see, we need video stores back stat) and see this hysterical film.

Is wasting time being happy really wasting time.  Even Dave Matthews Band has one of their biggest hit songs named: “Wasting Time.”  There are always going to be things we need to do or we think we need to do but what is more important than being happy and healthy.  For most of my readers you understand what I am writing more than anyone because you live with some form of an invisible illness.  I have written this before but during my darkest hours of chronic pain when I was close to ending my life I swore if I could just read a book and not think about pain I would be happy.  Well, here I am watching the new rendition of the classic film: Annie doing cartwheels with my three-year old.  What the hell could be more magical than that?  I truly believe that if you are doing something that makes you happy and in turn makes those around you happy, you are doing the opposite of wasting time.  You are not merely surviving, you are living: which is something many people never get to experience because of their fear of: “wasting time.”



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