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Vibrationl Energy: What Are You Asking The Universe?


“The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you.  The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are admitting.”

Abraham Hicks

I have learned in life that when I feel good about myself and know deep down that I am being true to my inner wisdom, being true to my loved ones and doing the very best I can; the things I want most in life just fall into place.  If you have yet to read the book, “The Vortex” or  read anything regarding the: “Law of Attraction” I urge you to do so now.  There are lessons in both books which also come in the form of CD’s that are very powerful whether or not you have chronic pain.  I have learned that my higher being (we all have a different view of a higher being but in reality it is all about faith and love) is neither punishing me nor blessing me: my higher power is literally giving me what my vibrational energy is seeking.  Therefore if I am consistently thinking about pain and speaking about it: the pain will increase and the Universe will respond to the vibrational energy I am putting out there: pain, pain, pain.

Even now, no secret we are working on extending our family.  I stopped trying for about a year as I was just not mentally or physically ready and was not in the right place: body, mind or spirit.  However, I am back.  I am much healthier, happier, and I no longer stress as used to about giving my baby fevered daughter a sibling because I have so much faith and know I will be pregnant when my body ready and the Universe knows it is time to bring that dream to fruition.  I also feel better: on the inside, outside and just have grown a lot this year and learned very hard lessons and am now at a place of peace (for the most part.) Last summer I obsessed to a degree that was beyond unhealthy about getting pregnant.  I was anxious, depressed, and thought negative thoughts: sending out negative vibrations to the Universe about becoming pregnant: “I know it won’t happen.” “I am not healthy like I should be, I have too much stress, my weight is way low.”  “Maybe I’ll never have a another child.”  On and on and on: what in God’s name did I think would happen.  Now, if/when that negative thought comes into my mind about NOT getting pregnant or someone says: “Maybe you were no meant for two children, one and done” I change my thought pattern and remind myself and the Universe that: “Jessica, you will extend your family.  I am so excited for the day I am pregnant.  I am healthy, happy, and in a great place.”  What I want to say to anyone who says: “One and done” etc. does not need to be written for the world to see, joking.  No, I’m totally not joking and anyone who has ever “tried” to get pregnant knows what I am talking about.

Declare to the Universe what you want.  Stop saying what you do not want.  You are not being punished: you are merely attracting the exact things you are saying and thinking and sadly for most of us those thoughts and words are not good ones.


2 thoughts on “Vibrationl Energy: What Are You Asking The Universe?

  1. Barbara binford says:

    How did my favorite cousin Tommy get such a bright, wonderful, kind, empathetic daughter. You keep writing. I’ll keep soaking it in. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Love

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