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September: Chronic Pain Awareness Month, Time For Change


“Chronic pain is currently the fastest growing medical problem worldwide.  At least twenty percent of people across the globe have experience with chronic pain.   So few of these conditions are researched, funded or even understood.  A great number of chronic pain disorders are invisible, leaving the person in pain feeling isolated, unsupported, and a burden to those around them.  Many pain disorders are not just debilitating, they are actually disabling.”

Any of the above ring true for any of you?  I read this tiny paragraph a few times thinking these statistics could not be true but then I did more research and sadly this is the ugly truth of chronic pain.  Then I began thinking, twenty percent of people across the globe have ‘experience’ with chronic pain.  This sentence does not actually mean twenty percent of people around the world have chronic pain but chronic pain has some affect on at least twenty percent of people: families, doctors, loved ones, and people like us: the persons in pain.   I then began thinking about where some of my readers who contact me live: Mylasia, Ireland, the UK, parts of Africa, India, etc.  This is not just an issue affecting Americans, this is a global disease and chronic pain does not discriminate.  The statistic then began to make more sense.  However, why is it the fastest growing medical problem world wide?  I do not have the answer, I only have a few guesses. I have had chronic pain since the 1990’s following my bike accident.  I went to over a hundred plus doctors, specialists and surgeons and not one ever used the term: “chronic pain.”  Therefore chronic pain may not be the fastest growing medical problem at present time, there is just now a term for such an invisible illness.   I also believe stress, anxiety, and the rush of society has a major impact on the growth of this invisible illness.  We have forgotten to take care  of our health, our peace, and our well-beings in exchange for status, economic value, and to be part of the “norm.”   We, as a world have completely complicated the lives of ourselves and the one’s we love.  In my opinion we have diluted what success truly stands for.  I personally believe success is health, happiness, helping others, and appreciating the little things this short life has to offer.  Perhaps my belief of success is different than others because of my bike accident which resulted in brain surgery and a lifetime of chronic pain or maybe I would have felt this way had I never experienced chronic pain.  Either way, this is my life and my beliefs will most likely not change.

It all comes down to the chicken or the egg.  Am I the person I am with the goals I have because of my accident/chronic pain or was I always this person accident or no accident?  All I know is that I have chronic pain and have been dealing with the invisible illness for twenty plus years.  I know that this epidemic is getting worse and I also know that there is at this time no cure and sadly/oddly I am not sure there ever will be.  I have accepted chronic pain and found ways to manage it naturally and I am fulfilling my dreams.  That is the closest thing I have come to a cure and I am at peace with that.  I have a family, we are extending our family and my dream to help others with chronic pain and one day be featured in medical magazines, TED TV, or have a book entitled: “No One Gets Flowers For Chronic Pain” are slowly but surely coming true.

This post is dedicated to all those who “suffer” from chronic pain.  I urge you to reach out to people who have chronic pain and have found away to not allow it to control their lives.  This is our month.  I am here.  I know chronic pain better than most doctors and have been on both sides of this disease. I have come close to ending my life due to chronic pain, I have tried literally everything possible to cure this invisible illness, and I have found a way to control chronic pain as opposed to chronic pain controlling me.  Please, never hesitate to reach out to me either by messaging me on my website or sending me an email.  You are never a bother.

I pray for each and every one of you on a daily basis.  Anyone can find their way through.  That is what I know to be true.


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