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Life is a Journey


“Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.”

Winne the Pooh

I awoke this morning at four am (I know many of you think I’m nuts) and started my routine, which if you have read how I manage chronic pain starts with exercise, something ten years ago I hated.  Now, I love it.  I love the mornings and have always been a morning person.  This is “me” time, before my toddler awakes and I hear: “Mommy, mommy, mommy” incessantly.  I am not complaining: mommy is by far my favorite word in the world but I also need to focus on my happiness and health.  As I was doing an interval workout, my mind kept drifting to what I had to do next, to the new car we are buying, to the grocery list I have yet to write, to phone calls I have to make today etc  etc.  We all do this and we all know better.  I love working out to music with just Mumford and Sons in the background but instead of enjoying the moment I was literally thinking about a grocery list; so much so that I paused the DVD to write down my grocery list.  It is four in the morning, I think I will have time to accomplish everything that needs to be done today.  I did finish the work out and proceeded to cut up fruit and veggies to juice once the sun is up and people are awake: I need to invent the silent juicer!!

Yesterday we found the SUV we are most likely buying as I was in that car accident two Sunday’s ago and we need a new car for multiple reasons anyways.  How much can change in a week.  Just last Monday I was a mess: crying, stressing, on hold with my insurance company five thousand times while my daughter was begging to play outside.  I did have a horrible day the day following our accident and because I refuse to take pain medication (Advil I will take but I swear it is such a placebo as anyone with chronic pain knows over the counter medicine for pain has the same effect as chewing a piece of gum would have on our pain levels.)  However, I did not freak as I would have two yeas ago or even a year ago: a lot can change in a year.  The day pretty much sucked but I kept reminding myself that most things happen for a reason and because I am doing all the right things and happy with myself the Universe has got this covered: I just had to deal with the nitty-gritty crap.  A week later I am in a car I LOVE with tears in my eyes just as I was the day my La (grandmother) my dad and I went car shopping for my Jetta after graduating college and meeting much more important goals than my degree: I was living with chronic pain naturally: a much more difficult feat than any diploma.  This week has been rough but great at the same time.  The fear of the unknown can be very terrifying but we all must keep this in mind: a year from now will this really matter?  Probably not.  However, a year from now there will be another obstacle either in your way or on your way: the choice is yours.

I love so many quotes from Disney, especially Winnie the Pooh because there is so much meaning behind each character and a lesson in each story for children and adults.  Life is a journey.  Life is not one big problem to be solved.  When faced with a problem, we learn and grow without even knowing it but we much be conscious of what is happening and take control of our thoughts before they take control of us.  There is always going to be a problem or a set back during our life here on Earth.  Again: will this problem matter a year from now and is the problem so major that we expand all our emotional and physical energy on?  Probably not.  We all (myself included) need to just enjoy the moment for what it is and stop over thinking and over planning.  As Ferris Bueller says: “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t take a second to look around you may miss it.”


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