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Your Thoughts are a Mirror


“In the moment you ask and believe and know you already have it in the unseen, the entire Universe shifts to bring it into the seen.  You must act, speak, and think as though you are receiving it now.  Why?  The Universe is a mirror and the law of attraction is mirroring back to you your dominant thoughts.”

I am sure you are reading the above quote over and over again to fully understand what I and the original writer of this quote is trying to get across: stop, no need to over think this one.  All I want you to truly read is the last sentence: “The Universe is a mirror and the law of attraction is mirroring back to you your dominant thoughts.”  I believe this be true with all my heart and soul.  This exact sentence is what has helped me the most with my management of chronic pain.  This is why I distract my mind when it starts drifting to pain, why I exercise first thing in the morning and why I rarely if ever talk about pain.  The more we think about anything, especially pain the more the Universe will bring pain into our lives.  I have been doing this for so many years but never realized until the past year or so that I was practicing the law of attraction.  Now , I am utilizing this exact quote in my every day wants, needs, dreams and desires.  For instance, instead of saying or thinking: “I hope I really start helping the millions of people suffering from chronic pain” or “What am I doing this blog for?  It has been two years!  Have I even made a difference?  Will my dream to actually make writing a living come true?”  I say and think: “I know I am helping people.  I cannot wait until there is a book entitled: ‘No One Gets Flowers For Chronic Pain’ on the shelves at Barnes and Noble or the book stores surrounding the world.   I am changing lives.  I am enough and I am doing the best I can.”  The more and more I think about the fact this website will one day be huge, the more excited and happier I get.  In turn I seem to be getting more readers and am published in online papers.  No, writing is not paying any bills but my passion will become my profession and it took two years of thinking this way but now I know this to be true.

This goes for all my dreams and wishes.  Each day my daughter and I make a wish before picking children up from school.  In the town near the school there is a fountain with a dinosaur and kids love to throw pennies into the fountain while making a wish.  Kayci is three and a half and still has trouble with what one wishes for and the old wives tale that if you say aloud what you wish for it will not come true.  She adamantly declares to the Universe her wish each and every time.  It is always the same two wishes: “I wish to have a castle” or “I wish to meet Aerial.”  More power to her, children are so very wise.  Who knows maybe one day Kayci will own a castle and Aerial did visit our home on her third birthday so I think kids know what they are doing far more than we adults do at times.  Back to my dreams and wishes: I really only have two that I know for a fact to be true.  Now instead of worrying if this or that dream will come true, I am excited for when they do come to fruition.  I cannot emphasize enough the power of the mind and how much our thoughts become our truths: positive or negative.  All I ask is that when you begin to think about pain, and I know for many of you this is non-stop so start the second you awake: use some form of distraction.  Anything!  Try this just for a day or maybe I am pushing it but I believe in all of you:  try it for a week.  You cannot lose what you don’t have right?

Dreams do come true but only if you start declaring them as truth.


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