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Suffering is Optional: Pain is Inevitable


“The Buddha taught that we suffer when we cling to or resist experience; when we want life different from what it is.  As the saying goes: ‘Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.’  When painful sensations arise, if we meet them with clarity and presence, we can see that pain is just pain.  When we are mindful of pain rather than reactive, we do not contract into the experience of a victimized, suffering self.”


If you read my writings you know how much I believe in the Buddha teachings and the Law of Attraction.  With that said, I do not believe the person who wrote the above quote had any experience with chronic pain but he or she may have: my thought was just a hunch.  I know from experience how hard it is to hear the expression: pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.  Notice that the expression does not say: chronic pain is inevitable.  There is a huge difference between chronic pain and acute pain.  Many of you are going through the worst part of your journey with chronic pain and cannot even fathom the idea of how I manage this invisible illness.  However, the above quote may be difficult to grasp but it is so very beneficial to everyone: chronic pain or no chronic pain.  Acceptance is always the most difficult part of any experience but once any illness, situation, or disease is accepted as it is life begins to change and day by day one begins to see their life shift from just surviving to actually living.  There are so many things that happen to us during our lifetime that we cannot change but we fight and fight to change them only causing more pain, aggravation, and suffering.  Think back to your first love or first break up: the first time your heart-felt broken.  I was about seventeen I believe when my high school boyfriend broke up with me and I sincerely thought life was over.  My dad spoon fed me soup, my friends all stayed with me as I cried and cried, and I remember fighting so hard to get him back because I was just a teenager and had no experience with love break ups and I already had chronic pain throughout my body, I did not want my heart to hurt as well.  The more I fought to change the situation, the more I suffered.  Once I realized, life does not end when someone breaks ups with you or hurts you, my perception of relationships and ‘boys’ for that matter changed.  We all go through that first heartache which when looking back we laugh at ourselves but these are the things we need to go through in order to grow and learn about acceptance.

We learn about acceptance at a very young age.  After I tell my three-year old maybe ten times no to a certain request, she does accept the fact that her present want and desire will not come to fruition.  Obviously, as we get older and our minds get more full of both logic and confusion our wants and desires are much stronger so the practice of accepting becomes a much more difficult thing to practice.  Hell, it took me over ten brutal years to accept chronic pain and there are still moments I want to resist and fight through the pain but those moments are few and far between and I am beyond grateful that I was able to accept not finding a cure to this condition because twenty years of fighting chronic pain would have stolen all the miraculous things I have in my life now: a family, a daughter, self-love, a degree, and truly all the things money could never buy: happiness, a sense of peace, purpose, and most of all gratitude.  Everything will come to you in the exact perfect time and space.  Miracles happen every day and I promise you once you are able to let go and find acceptance you will slowly see those miracles in your own life.


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