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Let Go of What Does NOT Serve You


“Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.”


We are entering into the month(s) of cardigans where one day it is in the sixties and you feel as if you are freezing because your body is not yet used to the thirty degree difference and the next day is in the eighties and humid: the months where one must have a cardigan on hand.   The seasons seem to change so quickly the past few years I hardly take time to notice the leaves changing colors but look around: there are red, yellow, and orange leaves everywhere; we are just in such a rush we do not take notice.  Of course my three year old does and each day we pass the same tree and now both look to see how many more leaves have turned from green to red.  She is fascinated by this turn of events as she does not remember the seasons and the changing of leaves nor the leaves falling.  To be honest, I do not either.   If it were not for having a child I know I would not give attention to the tree we both see each day and notice more and more green leaves turning red.  One of my favorite parts of a child is their ability to see things we no longer notice as adults.  Soon the leaves will fall and everyone in our home will be outside raking more and more leaves as Kayci jumps in their piles of work and they begin again.  I love the quote above: “be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.”

What in your life do you know deep down you need to just let go of and this does not have to be a literal thing, it may be a thought or a way of thinking that you know you must let go.  We all have something in our lives that is holding us down.  Remember that feeling in school when a paper was finished or a test was completed and you literally took a deep sigh of relief and felt like you just dropped ten pounds that were pulling you down?  What could you let go of that would give you back that same feeling?  Some may say control, worry, a person, or even an object you know no longer serves you.  The hardest things to let go of are the thoughts and patterns in your mind, but once you are able to let those thoughts go  a twenty pound  weight is   lifted from your shoulders; that same weight  in school that felt like ten pounds have now been lifted from you.  We seem to make life way too complicated and it is almost as if we need to have something to worry about.  I worried about chronic pain and finding a cure for a third of my life once I accepted chronic pain and ended my search it felt as if fifty pounds had been lifted from my shoulders and I was able to live again.  The beginning of this incredibly long process was much more difficult than anything I have ever faced in my life but I knew deep down I was doing the right thing and as hard as it was to let those heavy, dark leaves drop each day got a little better and months later I had the Jessica I had lost due to chronic pain and yes each day is a struggle and at times very difficult but I am happy.  There are more leaves I need to let go of but life is a journey and like the seasons change so do we.


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