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Make Your Dreams Come True


“I want to remember that no one is going to make my dreams come true for me… is my job to get up every day and work toward the things that are deepest in my heart….and to enjoy every step of the journey instead of wishing I was already where I want to end up.”


The picture above was taken this past Friday in Philadelphia by the famous mosaic: The Dream Garden: a piece of art so exhilarating one has to see it in person to truly understand it’s magnificence.  I know, my three-year old daughter looks thrilled: she had the playground on her mind haha.  This piece of art got me thinking about my dreams and how as a society we seem to want immediate gratification especially when it comes to our dreams.  Thinking back to my ten years of hell searching for a cure to  chronic pain, I know I did not want to wait for relief from the constant, nagging pain.  Who would?  Who does?  I wanted a cure every time, which was at least once a week I stepped into the office of a doctor or any specialist that thought they had the answer to the unrelenting, invisible pain.   Ten years later, no cure and to be quite honest those ten years of my  journey with chronic pain were pure hell.  However, if it had not been for those ten years I would not have ended up finding the Pain Rehab Center in MN and learning how to accept and manage pain naturally.  I believed chronic pain had stolen my dreams: now my invisible illness has only made my dreams that much bigger and in essence more real.    Dreams are like the mosaic above and maybe that is why the artist calls this beautiful work: “The Dream Garden.”  It is made up of tiny little pieces of glass, rock, and other things that by themselves look like trash but put together become a huge piece of art: magic.  Imagine how long it must have taken to make this piece of art and the above picture does not do it justice: the mosaic is huge, covering an entire wall with a fountain one can throw pennies in in front of it.  This mosaic was not made in a day and it was most likely the journey of making this piece of art that was most satisfactory and humbling to the artist, not the outcome.  Although, the outcome is truly amazing: my guess the artist ill remember the art of making this mosaic and the journey towards this dream more than the piece as a whole.

That is what dreams are about.  I have a dream to change lives through my writing and one day be known for my writing and my inspiring story with chronic pain.  I started this blog about two years ago.  I did not  think that with my first post or even hundredth post that I would be well-known or on the shelves at local book stores.  Sure, my dream is for this blog to become much more and I believe it will become something that people all over the country will read and hopefully get help from.  I dream of being on Ted Talks telling my story, being able to reach the millions of people suffering with chronic pain.  However, dreams take time: especially our deepest desires.  I have two dreams, one has to do with writing and one has to do with family.  I work on myself and my dreams each day just as the artist worked on his mosaic piece by piece.  When my dreams come true (and many have) I will be so beyond grateful but experience has taught me that I will remember the journey more than the end result.  However, because of the time and dedication I put into my dreams, my end results will be more magnificent and gratifying than had they just come true with the snap of a finger.  Enjoy the journey and trust the process, you will get there.  But remember: dreams do not work unless you do.


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