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A Year From Now You Will Wish You Started Today


“What if I told you ten years from now your life would be exactly the same?  I doubt you would be happy.  So, why are you so afraid to change?”

Karen Salmansohn

There are so many quotes that are well-known regarding the scary word: change such as: “All great changes are preceded by chaos” written/said by Deepak Chopra.  How true is his lesson: all of my greatest blessings, lessons, and amazing changes have been proceed by chaos.  Yesterday was Halloween and it was probably one of the greatest Halloween’s of my life.  Kayci is three this year and although she is not a fan of candy, she is a huge fan of knocking on a strangers door and being greeted with a treat.  I get to eat all the chocolate, which if ya know me can become a problem.  Once I pop I cannot stop when it comes to chocolate, I get that from my grandmother.  She would take chocolate out of the trash at some points because the ethical dilemma in her mind was just too much to take and temptation always won.  People who know my daughter know she is wise beyond her years and honestly funny.  There have been times I have come close to peeing myself because of this little toddler.  Her intuitive intelligence mixed with her sense of humor is priceless.  She also does not give up, which I like.  During our walk around the neighborhood she would first knock on a person’s door and if someone did not answer she would run around the house to see if there was a car in the driveway.   If there was a car in the driveway, she would announce: “There is someone home, a car is in the driveway!”  She then proceeded to knock again and low and behold someone did come to the door nine times out of ten.  She would then give everyone a sassy look and say: “I told you so!”  Life can change so much within just a year.  However, it definitely takes work, courage, patience and faith in order for positive change to occur.  I have shared excerpts from my ‘one liner’ journal before but will do so again to exemplify how different my Halloween has been over the past five years.

2011:  Happy Halloween!  Walked at the gym.  Cannot believe I’m fully pregnant on Halloween.  I cannot wait for this time next year when Kayci is here!  Went to a parade my friend Sarah’s children were in.  I then went to Katie’s parade for Halloween.  I love watching the kids in their costumes.  Gave out candy at the yoga studio.

2012: Happy Non Halloween.  Halloween has been cancelled in New Jersey but not for my little one! I dressed Kayci up as a bunny and we went on our errands.  She was a huge hit at Wegmans. Playdate with tons of kids, including the kids Lindsay nannies for.  it was so fun.  My dad, Katie, and I walked Kayci to Primo’s for a hoagie.  It was a difficult day at times but really fun.

2013: Happy Halloween!  Kayci and I are both cats.  I ran five miles with Kayci and came home to juice and start chili in the crock pot.  I love not having any appointments scheduled for pain!  That is best gift ever!  Went trick or treating with friends and family: so fun!

2014:  Halloween.  This has been one of the most difficult few months of my entire life but I put a smile on for Kayci (Elsa from Frozen.)  I could not find it in myself to dress up though.  I feel crushed.

2015:  YAY! Happy Halloween!  It is Saturday: Halloween all damn day baby!  Did an interval work out, wrote a post using a great quote by Nelson Mandella and took Kayci to dance class.  She had so much fun dressing up as Anna from Frozen (shocker) to her class.  We went trick or treating for hours and it was beyond fun.  Kayci was hysterical.  Three rounds of trick or treating, home, clean, eat a lot of chocolate and pizza.  Better than Thanksgiving!  Was asleep before eight pm!

The difference from last year to this year is monumental.  No day or life is ever perfect and mine is far from it but we do not remember days, we remember moments.  I wish I had the knowledge last year that I gained this year.  Once again: “All great changes are preceded by chaos.”   My dad kept telling me to be calm and everything will work out but I was in a very bad place pain wise and emotionally. A lot happened last year but I came out wiser, stronger, and more grateful. Try and remember that everything changes: nothing stays the same.  If you look at your life ten years from now and it is exactly the same, do you need to make changes; even small ones?  Maybe we all do.

Happy November First: PS: we set the clocks back!


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