chronicpain, The Universe

What do YOU WANT


“Stop going back and forth on your ideas because of fear.  You are confusing the Universe.  Decide what you want and stick with it.  You’ll notice things starting to shift in your favor.”


My mind is a confusing mess at times and although I know the two things I want more than anything, fear and over-thinking lead my mind into crazy directions.  Being Jessica, I then over-think if the Universe is getting confused because of my beautiful mess of a mind.  I am not sure why but this morning after I practiced yoga I decided to write a letter to the Universe declaring clearly what and why I want the two things I have wanted for most of my life: children and for my writings about my journey with chronic pain to one day become my career.  I took out a random piece of scrap paper, still in my Zen mode from yoga and just wrote down exactly why I want the two things above. Right before I showered, I put the piece of paper into one of my clothes drawers and let it go.  Now, the Universe cannot get confused by my crazy mind.  Whether there is total truth to that or not does not really matter because I feel better knowing I clearly declared on paper what I want.  Sometimes just getting things down on paper is a huge sigh of relief.  We could also write down what we do not want and rip the hell out of that piece of paper for that would be liberating as well.

I believe our soul always knows what it wants but the outside world and people distort what we truly want.  We may get angry and say something we do not mean or hurt and cry tears declaring what we do not want.  But these are just feeling and as I wrote before feelings are like visitors, they come and they go.  Feelings are not indicative of what we truly want and I believe the Universe listens to our souls and not our mouths.  That puts my mind and heart at ease and I hope it does for you as well.  I do recommend (as crazy as it sounds) writing down exactly what you DO want and why and putting it away: see what happens.  If nothing else you know deep down that you have declared exactly what you want to the Universe or your God so when you get sad, frustrated, or angry the Universe knows what your soul wants and allows you to let your visitors come and go.


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