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7 Steps for Manifesting and Chronic Pain



  1. VISION: Visualize what you want.
  2. DESIRE: Be intensely excited about what you are visualizing.
  3. BELIEVE: Believe what you desire is possible to manifest.
  4. ACCEPTANCE: Accept your belief and your ability to manifest it to be true.
  5. INTEND: WANT AND INTEND are different.  You must have the intention to manifest your desire.
  6. ACT: Act and behave as if your desire has already manifested.
  7. ALLOWANCE: Detach from the outcome.  You have to be intense about your desire without any expectation that it manifests.
I know I write about the Law of Attraction and quote people such as Abraham Hicks a LOT but there is a reason I do this because the lessons are so directly correlated with exactly what all of you want: to live a happy life despite chronic pain.  I had never heard of The Law of Attraction, Manifestation, or the Vortex until about two years ago.  I had no idea I had been practicing these lessons in regard to managing chronic pain for all these years but these laws are what really got me to the point of health and happiness I am at now despite my invisible illness.  So, how do each of the above seven steps of manifestation apply to managing chronic pain?  Let me go through each one and how each are in direct correlation with my personal management of pain.
1.  VISUALIZE WHAT YOU WANT:  I spent over a third of my life focusing on what I did not want: PAIN.  That is kind of a no brainer as who wakes up in the morning (every morning) in pain and doesn’t wish it away?  Nobody wants pain right? Emotional or physical.  However, declaring non-stop what we do not want brings direct focus to exactly what we do not want: in our case, pain.  What could we visualize instead?  We could visualize ourselves living the life of our dreams without the thoughts of: “I cannot do this or that because of pain.”  Let those thoughts go.   They do not serve you in any way, shape or form.  Visualize yourself healthy, happy, filled with joy and living the life you desire and deserve.
2.  DESIRE: Get excited about the prospect of living a happy life despite pain.  Think about all the things you love to do: your passions, your family, your dreams, anything and everything you have ever wanted.  Get those butterflies in your stomach knowing what you want is on it’s way.
3.  BELIEVE: You have to believe in yourself and your strength.  You must have that faith and belief or this process will never work.  It took me a long time to truly believe I could live a happy, amazing life despite chronic pain or despite a cure to my illness.  Over time I began to believe it was possible and things started to shift from thoughts of pain to thoughts of life.
4. ACCEPTANCE:  Well, this sure if not the first time I have used the word acceptance in my writings or life with chronic pain.  Acceptance was my first step in finding happiness despite pain.  I accepted that I would have chronic pain for as long as needed, probably forever but I could live the life of my dreams despite the invisible illness.  I accepted that there may not be a cure.  However, I truly accepted that concept and what a change that full acceptance made in my life.  I was no longer focusing on pain but on my happiness and health.
5. INTEND:  Want and intend are different.  I LOVE THAT.  My daughter wants every thing she sees for Christmas from a princess castle to a pony castle to a Barbie car.  Not to break any of your beliefs but I am her Santa Clause and all her ‘wants’ for Christmas are just not happening.  I know you do not want pain.  I know you want to feel good and healthy and sleep for one damn night without being awoke with muscle spasms and migraines that make you want to jump out of your skin.  I still have those moments, not nearly as often but they occur and they suck.  Make your intention to live the life of your dreams and make what you WANT come true.
6.  ACT: I do this all the time and one of my catch phrases is: “Act the way you want to feel.”  No matter how I feel, I get up and I exercise and I take a shower.  No matter how much I want (at times) to lay in bed and cry because I am having a difficult time with pain.  I dress to feel good about myself and dry/iron my hair each day.  It makes me feel good.  The more I act and distract myself from pain the less I think about it and the more I am manifesting what I want.
7.  ALLOWANCE:  “Expectation is the thief of joy.”  If you are constantly looking at the outcome of any manifestation process, you are really going to %*&$ yourself over.  You must take one moment at a time and trust the process.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.  The transformation will happen, I am living proof but not if you are only thinking about results.
I hope this helps some of you in some way, shape or form.  Again, I am an email away!

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