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Sunshine of Strength


If you follow my writings, you know I LOVE movies, especially movies that make me laugh, cry, and most importantly think.  The excerpt above is from the movie: “Little Miss Sunshine.”  I find movies to be an amazing distraction from pain and this particular movie is definitely on my top twenty favorite movies to watch.  It is about a dysfunctional family (are any ‘functional’?) that take a road trip for the young girl above to compete in a beauty contest.  Her father who is an over-achieving, type A, YOU MUST WIN type of person puts an enormous amount of pressure on each family member in the film, especially his daughter Olive (seen above) whom he does not believe could ‘win’ any beauty/talent contest especially being coached by her outrageous, hilarious, crazy grandfather seen above.  She does not end up winning the ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ competition but she wins as her father, her brother, and the rest of their crew learn what winning is truly about and more importantly learn that life is quite short and to not sweat the small stuff but rather embrace the madness.

None of you asked for chronic pain or any invisible illness.  Did you wake up this morning and try again?  I do not care what your inner critic is telling you or those around you who do not know what chronic pain feels like nor can empathize with you: You are not a loser.  You are fighting (for now) a battle between your mind and body and none of this is in your head.  Most people cannot handle acute pain for more than a day and you are living with constant pain twenty-four seven and have not given up.  You may be on pain medication.  You may be laying in bed crying right now as you read this angry at yourself, your life, and your actions.  You may have felt as if you have given up but you haven’t.   You are still reading this: you are very far from giving up.  Remember: your inner critic is an asshole, try and ignore your negative thoughts and remember how strong you are.  Deep down you know it, I know you do.  I do not believe anyone is a loser and the word itself brings tears to my eyes.  No one knows what you are facing nor do you know what anyone faces behind closed bodies or minds.  I urge you to remember that I once came extremely close to ending my life because of chronic pain and I thought I was the biggest piece of crap in the world but it was not me that I hated, it was the disease. I still have chronic pain and I would not say that we are friends but nothing in my life has taught me more and nothing in my life will help other’s more.  You are a winner.  I promise.


6 thoughts on “Sunshine of Strength

  1. Emily says:

    I also suffer from chronic pain. Recently, I gave up on ever going back to college, which completely crushed what was left of my spirit. I found your blog on a really bad day when I was just crying in bed. Your words are so beautiful and so true. Reading your blog is like talking to someone who knows exactly how I feel and says all the right things which means so much.

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