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Manifestation and Chronic Pain


“Keep reminding yourself: I get what I think about, whether I want it or not.”

-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I have been receiving many emails regarding the manifestation process and how I have made it work for my life with chronic pain.  I would like to truly applaud the people who are asking these very intellectual, conscious questions especially as these person’s have only had chronic pain for less than three years.  That sounds terrible: chronic pain for a week is bad much less three years.  However, I have had chronic pain for twenty plus years and never read or thought about the manifestation process until the past couple years.  The first ten years I lived with chronic pain all I thought about was finding a cure, numbing my pain, and dying.  Therefore, you are all so far ahead of the game it is incredible!    People with chronic pain tend to overthink  everything: what came first the chicken or the egg; overthinking or pain?  Who cares?  I really dislike that expression as much as I do not like the question: “If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a noise?”  Drives me nuts.   No, I do not have ADD: back to the topic.  I believe we overthink everything because we are so confused, scared, angry, and at times are forced to make big and small choices that those without chronic pain never have to think about.   For instance: if I do this or that will I feel extra pain tomorrow?  I dislike this way of thinking because it brings a lot of attention back to pain, however we do need to prioritize and plan a lot more than people who have never experienced chronic pain.  Hence, the spoon theory.  Well, I understand why you are overthinking the process of manifestation but STOP.  I’m going to break this down very simply for you.  Later down the road we can explore manifesting what we want as opposed to what we do not want: I am such a believer in the law of attraction and am using it now as I await the results of my pregnancy test.  However, when it comes to chronic pain: the idea of manifestation is quite simple but the work is difficult. It is  LOT more difficult if you overthink thinking about pain: DOUBLE WAMMY: MORE PAIN: MORE THINKING.

The more you focus on what you do not want, the more the Universe and your  mind are going to bring you more of what you do not want: in this case PAIN.  The concept is easy: train your brain to not focus on pain. Focus on what you do want, which in theory is to not have chronic pain but that thought is still bringing your mind back to what you do not want: pain.  So what do you do?  When your mind begins to drift to pain, turn your attention to something you like and enjoy: distract yourself.  I have drilled this into your minds a lot but it is what helps me the most in my management of chronic pain.  Each time when your mind begins to drift to pain, distract yourself with something that makes you happy.  Do it over and over and over again.  This is a process, a process that took me years!  You cannot give up but if you do, you start over.  What makes your soul happy?  Do that.  This is a lot more simple than many of you are making it but I am so beyond proud of all of you.  I am always here for questions as you all know!

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me very kind, supportive words regarding our second child


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