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Process of Pivoting


Process of Pivoting: Defined by Abraham Hicks

Anytime you feel a negative emotion, stop and say: something is important here; otherwise I would not be feeling this negative emotion.  What is it that I WANT?  And then simply turn your attention to what you do want.  In the moment, you turn your attention to what you want, the negative  attraction  will stop; and in the moment the negative attraction stops, the positive attraction will begin; and in that moment your feeling will change to not feeling good to feeling good.  That is the process of pivoting.

Many of you will read this and say: “Well, how the hell can I practice this when I have chronic pain and am literally in pain twenty four hours a day, seven days a week?  All my thoughts are of pain.  That is my life.”  If I was twenty years old and in my darkest, scariest hours of chronic pain I would say the same thing as pain was all I knew and controlled every little bit of my being.  However, I am thirty-four now and although I never found a cure to chronic pain, I am in a much different place with the disease than I was ten plus years ago.  I used to constantly say: “I do not want to have pain anymore.  I hate my life and pain is destroying every aspect of my being.  I will literally do anything to get rid of pain.”  My entire focus was on what I did not want: pain.   I rarely thought about what I did want: to read and write, to have a family and be a mother, to swim in the ocean and walk on the beach collecting shells with a child, to be with my dad at a hockey game, laughter, all the little things I had once either loved or dreamed of before I fell off of my bike.  If I thought of the things I wanted, I would only get more depressed because I truly believed I would never be able to follow my dreams because of chronic pain and if I went to a game with my dad all I would think about was pain and it would ruin the time, and laughter…..well I had forgotten what that really was.

However, you can try to change your thoughts from what you do not want to what you do want no matter where you are in your journey with any invisible illness.  For years I used distractions (still do) as to not focus on pain.  In the beginning, I literally packed a distraction bag wherever I went filled with things I enjoyed: my journal, books, pens, healthy snacks, and a meditation or visualization CD.  This is back when I did use a disc man, some of you have no clue what that is meanwhile my best friend who now lives in California recently said to me: “Jessica, you are the last person I know with CD’s in your car.  You even still use the visors to hold them!”  I spent days trying to figure out what she used to listen to music in her car and then realized her MP3 player, or IPhone.  How did I miss the boat on technology to this degree?  Anyways, I no longer take a tool bag of distractions as I practiced this for many years and truly got to a point where I did train my brain to not think about pain all the time.  I still have difficult days, hours, or moments but they do not last. Plus, my angel of a daughter packs enough in her purse or backpack to distract me and most people she comes in contact with from anything, even pain.  She is like a three-year old Mary Poppins except hysterical.   What if when you began thinking about what you do not want: pain, you quickly changed your focus to something you do enjoy.  Studies show that a negative thought is at it’s weakest the moment it enters your mind so the more quickly you change your focus from your negative thought, the more power you have over it and more than likely your new positive thought will leave the negative thought in the wind.  It is when we obsess over a negative thought for so long that it becomes engrained in our minds and our whole mood and energy changes.  I have problems obsessing over worries to this day even if they are not about pain.  I have recently started practicing the process of pivoting and if you do not over think this process, it can work.

I want to thank everyone who has been giving me such positive feedback on my writing and letting me know what helps.  It means a lot to me and I know it would be just as easy to not comment before turning your computer off.  I genuinely appreciate it.

Try the process of pivoting today: it is worth a shot.  And if it doesn’t work, try it again later in the day or tomorrow.  *At any given point of time, you have the power to say: This is not how my story is going to end.


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