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Messages from the Universe


“The Universe is always speaking to us…sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more.”

Nancy Thayer

I went to a Catholic school for Kindergarten and I just did not blend, so to say.  I guess even back then I was not good with uniforms and the inability to express myself.  I did love my teacher though, Sister Damien.  My father and I were not religious, which does not make much sense considering I went to a Catholic school.  My teacher asked me which church I attended each Sunday and with nothing in mind but the playground and waffles with powered sugar, I answered honestly: “I do not go to church.”   That went over well, as one can imagine. Two weeks later my dad and I were going to the church he went to as a child and he became the first grade Sunday School teacher and I began singing in the choir.  My Catholic teacher was thrilled when I told her I was going to church each Sunday and really enjoyed it.  Her jubilance went away once I told her where I was going to church: “I am going to St. Andrews Methodist Church!!!!” I explained with pride and joy.  Turns out she obviously assumed I would be going to a Catholic church and had a talk with my dad later that day or week.  That was my only year in a Catholic school but I did continue to go to church with my dad each Sunday.  I loved singing, I loved helping him teach his class, and I loved what the church did for others.  I felt a sense of peace when I was there and a feeling of togetherness that was hard for me to find at a young age.  I liked delivering meals to the homeless and donating clothes and the church we went to gave me a sense of gratitude for what I had.  I never became a formally religious person but I have always been spiritual and know there is something out there much greater than you are myself that has our story written our for us and although a ton of things are in our control, some are not.

I believe there are messages being sent to us from the Universe or whatever God you believe in.  I know there are messages being sent to me that everything is working out much better than I had even planned.  One has to be open and in a calm state to actually feel/see these messages.  Kayci and I were reading in bed the other day and the television went on just as I was praying to my grandmother La La about my life and the struggles I have faced as of late.  I looked at my little girl and said: “Kayci, give me the remote you nut job.  You promised me we would read for a little bit and then you can watch one of your shows.”  She looked at me with total honest eyes and said: “Mommy, I didn’t turn that on.  The remote is over by the TV anyways.  Jeeze!”  Coincidence?  Many would say so but not me.  Either way little things have been happening lately that are giving me such a strong sense of peace that everything is working out for my higher good and I am open to change and have total faith that the rest of my life is going to be the best of my life.

You have to hold onto that hope and no matter how much pain you are feeling: physical or emotional, be open to the signs of the Universe and just keep a tiny bit of faith.  I’m speaking as the person who almost died twice: once when I fell off of my bike and once when I did not think I could survive chronic pain and death seemed like my only option.  I know how you feel and I can say that because I was/am you.  I am here for all of you.  I ask a lot from my readers and give very hard advice.  For today, I just want you to try and find your own faith whatever that may be. You are not alone.


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