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Chronic Pain and HOPE


“Hope does not lie in a way out, but a way through.”

Robert Frost

Chronic pain comes from the Latin word meaning: time.  I did not take Latin in high school or college but the language definitely nailed the word chronic pain: it does not go away, there is no end: chronic pain is timeless.  Acute pain is  any pain that lasts six months or less and is relieved with opioids, narcotics, muscle relaxants, or physical therapy.  If the pain continues for more than six months with no relief, you have moved into a lot of our worlds: the world of chronic pain.  There is something I truly want to stress here : Chronic pain can occur without ANY indication or injury.   Sometimes there is no known cause for chronic pain and that is the most difficult thing for a person to live with.  With that said, I want to make this crystal clear as well: The physical pain you feel is NOT IN YOUR HEAD, YOU ARE NOT MAKING THIS PAIN UP.   Ten years of doctor shopping and searching for a cure led me to believe I was crazy.  I saw over one hundred plus doctors from all spectrums of medicine and my pain only got worse.  There were times I would lay in bed wondering if I was crazy.  I looked fine, my bike accident happened when I was young and surely if something was seriously wrong with me one of the many doctors I saw would have taken the pain away.  Many of you feel this way right now.  Stop thinking these negative thoughts about yourself.   You are NOT crazy.  Feeling bad about yourself or as if you are crazy will only intensify the pain you are already dealing with.  What do I always write: “The most important thing you can say to a loved one with an invisible illness is: ‘I believe you!'”

I want to share with you what helps me the most in my management with chronic pain: pause here: if you have not yet chosen to accept your condition and end your search for a cure I understand completely.  However, none of the techniques I use to manage pain naturally will be of use to you if you do not have acceptance.   I also had to face the emotional traumas that chronic pain caused me to face: depression, anger, loss, self-esteem issues, relationship issues, and face the losses I had due to this invisible illness.  I had to lay everything out there and let the tears fall as I went through the emotional damage chronic pain had caused me for ten plus years.  I had somewhat of a breakthrough once I found acceptance and finally got out emotions I had repressed for years.

How many times a day do you hear your mind saying to you: “I CAN’T DO THIS!” because of chronic pain?  I used to say it out loud and in my head over a hundred times a day, now once and a while if ever.  You truly can aid you mind into not thinking about pain with practice, distractions, and positive affirmations.  Research has shown through brain imaging that finding things one loves to do while in pain actually dampens the signals in a person’s brain where pain is located.  You do have time to put your health first.  And there is nothing wrong with doing the things that make you smile especially when your mind shifts from pain to something else without you even realizing the transistion.  Many of us have do not even know what our hobbies or passions are.  I believe this is why so many of us say on a daily basis: “I’m bored.”  What did you do as a child that made you happy?  Start there.  Just try it for one day when you are feeling the grief and emotional pain of your inviible illness: drawing, sports, coloring, reading, walking, singing etc.

I would love all of you to make what I call the “Inspiration Station Wall.”  One day I got out a poster board and took post its and wrote down all my favorite quote to motivate me each day to keep going and not give up.  I hung the poster board in my bedroom and I see it each morning and one quote always jumps out on me: a different one each day.  Some of the quotes are as follows: “A Year From Now You Will Wish YOU Started Today”   “You Are so Much Stronger than you Think”  “I’ve Got This Remember? Love, The Universe”  “Breathe”   “YOU CAN DO THIS.”   It is a great way to start feeling good and remembering the positivity you once had but lost.

I have many techniques I use to manage chronic pain naturally and if you want I can always write them all out for you again or re-post my daily routine.  YOU ARE NOT CRAZY.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.   I BELIEVE YOU



One thought on “Chronic Pain and HOPE

  1. G’day Jesmar, your article came up in my Facebook feed because I have liked the Australian Pain Management Association (it re-posted your article). Here’s the funny thing, and I mean as in “funny ironic”. I am an Aussie, now a dual US citizen and living in Mesa, AZ. I see in your article below that you are wearing an ASU shirt so I figured you might also be in Greater Phoenix. The irony continues because myself and two founders out of Australia developed a drug-free, non-invasive chronic pain-relief device that we are currently commercializing and manufacturing in the US. The technology has achieved exceedingly positive responses over a long period in Australia and yesterday, during a quasi-board meeting, news was shared that a small trial out of the Scripps Pain Clinic in La Jolla, CA has resulted in over 90% of trialists reporting less pain, less inflammation and greater range of motion/movement. I suspect you have heard all this before and rarely do the tires touch the road. Oska Pulse (see http://www.oskawellness.com) might just be the exception to that rule. My e-mail address is steve@oskawellness.com and if you are in the US (whether Phoenix or not) feel free to call me on 480-414-4119. I do not know what your chronic pain entails, but I do know that Oska Pulse is very efficacious across so many “chronic” problems. Oska Pulse is an over the counter product that offers a 90-days money back guarantee. I am not pitching for you to buy a device and only say that because our motto is “…the only thing you have to lose, is your pain.”

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